Why You Should Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants of one form or another have been around since 600AD when it is thought that ancient Mayans began experimenting with the art of dental implantology. It is interesting to note that although methods have moved on significantly our pride in nice teeth and a beautiful smile seems ageless. Mother Theresa is reported to have said;

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing”

But what do you do today if your smile is full of holes and not something you enjoy sharing?

There are many reasons for requiring a dentist to implant prosthetic teeth. You may have had an accident or sporting injury that has resulted in missing teeth, periodontal disease may have caused teeth to come loose and fall out or other medical issues can result in tooth loss.

Whatever your tooth loss reason, dental implantology may be the answer you are looking for.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are four main benefits to having dental implants;

Confidence– we have all watched the TV advertising for better and better denture glue but implants do away with the need to rely on adhesive. No more worrying about embarrassing denture malfunctions as you tuck into your meal!

Aesthetic– dental implants today look and feel just like your own teeth. The Mayans used shells to fill the gaps in their teeth, allowing the jaw bone to grow round this natural substance and secure them in place but never quite feeling like the rest of their teeth. Today’s technology still relies on the bone growing around the implant (osseointegration) to hold it securely in the jaw. This part of the implant is made from titanium which provides support for the crown; much like the root provides support for a natural tooth.

Reliability– due to the nature of implants they are very reliable. They can hold the attached crown almost indefinitely and the success rate is very high. They are an excellent option for anyone requiring a tooth replacement procedure.

Save Existing Teeth– implants can be inserted in between teeth without causing any damage to the surrounding teeth. This makes them ideal for filling a gap created through accident or injury and, if the rest of your oral health is up to scratch, for replacing teeth lost to periodontal disease.

How to choose your implantologist

Choosing someone to drill holes in your teeth and jaw bone, implant a screw and then add a prosthetic tooth is an important decision. The procedure can take up to a year to complete fully depending on how many dental implants are required.

Ideally you will want someone with as much experience as possible in the art of dental implantology and price is not always a reflection of their expertise.

Getting patient testimonials is often the best way to judge a dentist and although everyone has their own unique experience a dentist with a large number of returning patients is generally a good indication of expertise and patient care.

Entering a clean, modern reception is also a good sign. Although it may be subconscious these surroundings give a feeling that state of the art technology is behind the surgery doors.

There are a few dental practices around that have incredibly talented implantologists as part of their team and many practices will offer a free consultation with these superstars of the dental world.

The Birmingham dental practice of Barnt Green is lucky enough to have Dr Thomas Faber as one of their team. Dr Faber’s father was a pioneer in dental implants in the 1970’sand Dr Faber is following in his father’s footsteps. With over twenty years’ experience in the field of dental implants he truly is an expert in his field.