Replace Missing Teeth

Any of us can lose a tooth, for a variety of reasons. It’s important to replace missing teeth because if the gap is left there for long enough, the neighboring teeth can start to migrate from their proper positions, creating misalignment of the teeth, which can in turn lead to gum disease, and/or bite problems and headaches (TMJ syndrome).

There can also be bone loss, which can alter the appearance of your face.

Dental Implants

These are surest way to replace missing teeth today. An artificial root is implanted in the jawbone to hold a beautiful porcelain tooth which will look natural and be very well-matched in color to your existing teeth.They don’t depend on any neighboring teeth for support, as a bridge does.

Dental implants are virtually pain-free, and done with highly accurate periodontal techniques and equipment.

The implant

It’s a titanium cylinder that is inserted into the jaw bone such that no nerves will be touched. It replaces the root of the missing tooth. Over time, the bone grows around it, bonding with it, so that’s it’s fixed securely in the jaw and provides strong support for the new tooth.

The procedure

· A digital scan is first done to find the best position for the implant. The scan shows where nerves run, indicates bone density, and allows your dentist to determine the exact size of implant that should be used, and where exactly to place it.

· Two visits are needed. In the first one, the implant is placed. Then a period of about 2 or 3 months is allowed to pass, while the jawbone bonds to the implant.

· In the third visit, the new tooth is attached to the implant.

Advantages of dental implants.

· They can hold one or more artificial teeth without drawing support from other teeth, as bridges do, or requiring crowns to be placed on teeth that don’t need them, as is done to support a bridge.

· They’re a more long-lasting and comfortable method of tooth replacement than a denture, though they can give good support for a denture, if that’s needed.

· They prevent the bone loss that can happen when a tooth is missing, and also prevent the gums from receding.

With needle-free numbing, electronic anesthesia, warm blankets, heated massage neck pillows, and many other comforts, your local dentist will greet you with a smile and give you royal treatment.

Good candidates for dental implants

If you have good dental health, with healthy gums and good bone density, you could be a good candidate. You’d have to be faithful with your oral hygiene afterwards, to maintain the bone and gum health.