Cosmetic Dentistry Gives You the Reason Why Braces Are Not Just For Kids

To be honest, most of us perceive braces as something that only children have to endure. We barely see adults sporting the flashy orthodontist’s wires, brackets, and bands. But that was before. With the dawn of cosmetic dentistry, braces on adults have become socially accepted.

Even celebrities have been seen strutting the red carpet wearing their gold-encrusted (not to mention expensive) smiles. Today, not only is it accepted, but oddly, appears to be trendy as well.

If you want straight teeth, then why not resort to braces?

The answer to this question may trigger various answers. Certainly we have different reasons for not having wires attached to our teeth when we were younger; it might be financial, it might be social, or it might even be both. However, there is no reason why we, as adults, cannot improve our teeth, right?

Fixed braces generally use metal bands securely fastened to the molars. Brackets are also directly cemented upon the enamel of the front tooth. Connecting the bands and the brackets are steel archwire, which strengthens and moves the teeth into a specific direction. Simply put, you will have a network of wires in your mouth. This is probably one of the reasons why adults steer clear from this particular cosmetic dentistry procedure.

As for the removable braces, these are usually worn for a particular number of hours to attain the desired effect. A few of the products under the category of removable braces are labeled as functional appliances. This is due to the fact that these braces/appliances need be worn while eating.

Last is the lingual brace. These are metal braces installed at the back of one’s teeth. This may not be physically seen, but its effect in one’s speech and eating habits may be visibly demonstrated.

The Perception

Braces are ideal in the teenage years because jawbones are still developing. Adult patients may need extraction or other dental works. But these items will not, in any way close the option of cosmetic dentistry, particularly braces, to a much mature audience.

The Reason

A lot of adults whose parents could not afford the cost of braces or had braces but were still dentally flawed are opting for cosmetic dentistry later in life. It is true that with all the prices rising, a trip to the orthodontists may be considered optional. Many Americans in their early twenties barely make ends meet. And in the world where money does not grow on trees, a set of straighter teeth is seen as merely a frivolous want.

But when these twenty-something reaches their thirties, even their forties or fifties, the cost of braces is no longer an issue. Take a look at the current trend and acceptance of breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty and other beauty enhancement services. Is there any reason why you should not correct dental flaws?

Braces are definitely not just for kids. It may be ideal to have them at a young age, but there is certainly no reason why we, as adults, cannot get our teeth straightened using braces, visible or otherwise.