Laser Whitening: New Age Teeth Whitening Procedure

As mentioned before people undergo the teeth whitening procedure just for the looks. Laser whitening helps you gain 5-10 shades whiter teeth in just one sitting. Laser whitening just like the laser dentistry is the future of treatment. You will be surprised to know that the procedure existed since 1996 and will be present for a really long time unless there is another substitute for it.

Laser Whitening: Complete Procedure

Laser whitening came into practice after patients started complaining about the traditional method of teeth whitening. They complained that bleaching is a bit painful. They also complained that bleaching resulted in inflammation. With the invention of laser whitening all such problems eliminated and patients were happy. This procedure focused on specific areas of stained teeth hence the inflammation was avoided.

The treatment will be carried out for the whole day which means that you will have to be at the dental clinic for several hours. Your dentist will analyze your teeth and gums. This is the most time-consuming part as he will ensure that the surrounding teeth along with soft tissues are protected with beeswax. This is primarily done so that the ingredients used for teeth whitening do not affect them.

Your dentist knows the best and will ensure that proper laser is being used for teeth whitening. So feel free to discuss all the available options with your cosmetic dentist so that he/she can explain the procedure in more detail. The most widely used laser is the argon laser. This laser will activate the chemicals which are placed on the teeth. The light which is emitted from the laser speeds up the whitening procedure as the chemical reaction starts and hence color change is attained.

Once the process is complete your dentist will use fluoride on your teeth to give the final touches of whitening. Now the use of fluoride serves two purposes: it will strengthen your teeth and you get a shimmery look on your teeth. Laser whitening is one of the most sought after treatment or procedure these even though it is costlier than the normal teeth whitening. However despite the cost involved patients still undergo this treatment and the reason is simple: less time involved and the convenience along with the speed.

Just like any other dental treatment the results will depend on how properly you will take care of your teeth after you have undergone the treatment. You will have to ensure that you brush your teeth twice a day followed by flossing at least once in a day. Dentists will suggest that you should completely ignore the main culprits of stained teeth: coffee, tea, blueberries, tobacco and dark soda. You should stay away from it at least for the first week. As far as tobacco is concerned you should give it up forever.

For working professionals teeth whitening or laser teeth Whitening is the best way to attain shinier and brighter teeth. However do not forget to take care of your teeth as this is the best and the sure shot way to attain beautiful teeth.