If You Can Get Over the Drooling, Home Teeth Whitening Strips Can Whiten Your Teeth for 6 Months

Ever wonder why every movie star has a picture perfect smile? Models smoke and drink coffee all day long but when they smile, it lights up the room. So how do they do it? It’s simple – they have their teeth whitened regularly. For a movie star, $500 or more may be nothing, but for you and me, it’s ridiculous to spend a fortune on achieving whiter teeth when home teeth whitening strips can do the job just as well. Inexpensive and effective, teeth whitening strips have been on the market for six years now and are widely used.

Teeth whitening strips are filmy, transparent strips made to fit upper and lower surfaces of the teeth. The inside of the strip is coated with a peroxide-based bleaching agent that adheres to your teeth and works by maintaining contact for 30 minutes. Generally, strips are designed to be used twice a day for two to four weeks. Some strips come in a higher concentration of peroxide and are meant for a seven-day treatment. Crest is a leader in the whitening strips market and the cost of a pack varies from $10 to $50.

As you can see, teeth whitening strips are easy on the wallet. But do they produce results? Many studies and tests suggest that teeth whitening strips are the most effective amongst home teeth whitening treatments. The efficacy of the strips is evident in their popularity as well as in comments from experts and consumer tests conducted by magazines. Since the results of any whitening treatment typically last about six months, you may not want to spend too much money on it each time.

Whitening strips can whiten your teeth for six months, with a little care. If you can shake a tea, coffee, red wine or smoking habit, teeth whitening strips will keep your pearly whites bright for up to six months. Consuming these beverages and a variety of other foods causes teeth to stain, reversing the effects of any whitening treatment. Natural discoloration processes also affect the teeth and within six months to one year, teeth begin to yellow and a touch up is required.

Some testers complain that teeth whitening strips cause excessive drooling while they are in your mouth. While not all testers have experienced this problem, it is merely a temporary issue, affecting you only while the strips are in your mouth for 30 minutes twice a day for two weeks. It is more convenient than a mould in your mouth overnight or a paint-on liquid that may not dry properly before you close your mouth. Even during professional dental whitening, the patient is required to keep their mouth open for the entire duration of the in-office treatment.

In fact, teeth whitening strips offer the best alternative, both in terms of ease and comfort of treatment as well as cost effectiveness, for whitening your teeth for six months. If you find the drooling hard to tolerate, think how much more uncomfortable whitening was in the days before strips. You would need to sit with your mouth open for an hour at a time at a dentist’s office or try to sleep with a plastic tray in your mouth. So now you can stick on, pull off, and smile with a 1000 watts.