Your Magnificent Mouth

Do you know your mouth?

Dental and medical experts describe the mouth as a chewing device whose main function is the ingestion and mastication of food that keeps the body alive. The fancy name that they give to this is the masticatory system which simply means chewing system. No one can deny that this is one of the mouth’s functions and an important one at that. But how this underrates and devalues a truly wondrous organ, – your magnificent mouth. Come with me on a short sightseeing tour and experience your mouth as so much more than a chewing device!!

What is Your Mouth?

Go to the nearest mirror and offer yourself a little time out to observe. Just allow a few minutes of time and space to reflect on your reflection. Look at your mouth in the mirror and allow me to guide you on a tour of self discovery…

Open your mouth and see the gateway to your deepest organs of digestion providing nutrients to the living biology of your each and every cell.

Take a breath and experience your mouth as the gateway to the heart/lung exchange of precious gases that sustain the living biology of each and every cell.

Stick out your tongue and marvel at this versatile muscular organ with the ability to discern taste and texture even at the molecular level. Roll your tongue around your mouth appreciating how its changing shape can control the movement of food, initiate the mechanisms of swallowing, and modify the sounds of your voice.

Lick your lips and marvel at your saliva that is as complex a tissue as blood, providing enzymes, antibodies, barrier and protection for the mouth tissues as well as a medium for digestion and flow. Purse your lips in different ways and do a range of different smiles and gestures with your lips and notice how expressive and versatile are the doors to your magnificent mouth.

Smile and see the beautiful pearly pillars of your teeth which sparkle in and reflect the light. These pillars of effective strength allow you the ability to cut your life sustenance into manageable bite-size pieces and prepare it for the journey of assimilation, renewal and repair for the cells of your biology.

Now greet yourself with the distinctive and original sound of your own voice. Make the sounds that are your unique characteristic vocal vibrations and marvel at the originality, the versatility and the notes. Speak your own name and listen to the sounding of yourself by yourself. This is your organ of vocal expression, the instrument that allows you to express what you feel on the inside and communicate these feelings to those around you. What a gift this voice is! Without this transmitter, your communication with the outside world is so severely hampered. Listen to your sounds and celebrate your own original song. Sing your song to yourself and applaud the performance. No other anywhere on the planet can do this as you do it. It is unique and precious and of inestimable value.

Take time to feel appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful gift of you. Purse you lips and offer a kiss to yourself in appreciation of this precious gift of you and your Magnificent Mouth.

Your Magnificent Mouth is nothing less than a vast Treasure Trove of Tissues Types in Formidable Function and Synchronous Synergy, just one part of the Magnificent Miracle that is You.