What is the Tech? The “Quip” electronic toothbrush

Technology has greatly improved many of our daily activities, however, one thing has remained the same throughout our entire lives. We brush our teeth.

The toothbrushes are getting better but we continue to apply toothpaste to the bristles, and then move our arms in an effort to keep each tooth and the gum line clear.

Electronic toothbrushes have gained popularity in recent times and one of the most recent models, called the Quip is rated by a variety of dentists as among the best.

The majority of electric toothbrushes feature rotating heads that rotate bristles in a circular motion as it scrubs the teeth. The Quip’s bristles are more vibrating than rotated, but some dentists believe that the different features of the Quips are superior to help you develop good habits.

The Quip vibrates for two minutes, the optimal time to brush teeth. The instructions for using the Quip to clean areas of your mouth, one at a time starting at the back, then going to the front, and before moving to the opposite side. In the two-minute cycle of vibration, the toothbrush will vibrate every 30 seconds, signaling that you are ready to move to the next part. I found this to be useful in ensuring that I’m spending the proper period of time trying to reach each tooth.

The Quip also provides a fresh toothbrush every 3 months. Dentists advise a new brush or head of the toothbrush each 90-day period. It is possible to sign up for Quip’s service, which will send a refill automatically every three months for $10.

I had my Quip for about four months. I have found the Quip effective in helping me stay in line to brush for two minutes in the morning and at night. The Quip also comes with a carry-on case that can double as a stand to prevent the brush from striking the countertop of the bathroom or the floor.

I also took this Quip at my dental office, and I asked the dental hygienist to test it as she scrubbed my teeth. “It’s simple to use,” said Angela Henderson. “It’s excellent and I love how the vibration reminds me that I need to go to the next tooth,” she said.

The Quip toothbrush is highly recommended by dentists and is called one of Time magazine’s top inventions of 2016.

There are several models available. The one I tested is $40 and replacement heads are provided every three months for 10 dollars each.