What Food to Eat or Avoid in the First Week with Braces

If you’re planning on getting braces, you should be prepared to change your eating habits. Eating the wrong foods could damage the brackets or wires of your braces, making them ineffective or leading to other complications.

But aside from having to permanently modify your diet due to your braces, you also need to pay additional attention to what you eat in the first week. During this time it is normal to feel some pain and irritation around your teeth and gums, and the last thing you want to do is eat food that will make it worse.

Food to Avoid in the First Week

Generally speaking you want to avoid any food that can irritate your mouth or trigger sensitivity right after you get braces. That includes things like ice cream, citrus fruits, or spicy food.

On top of that you should also steer clear of food that is too chewy and will exert pressure on your teeth and gums. For example it is best to avoid thick rolls and breads, or thicker cuts of meat.

After the first week you should be able to enjoy the types of food listed above. However you’ll still want to steer clear of hard and crunchy food or food that is excessively sweet and sticky as they could damage your braces.

If you have any doubts about the type of foods that you need to avoid, check with an Exeter orthodontics specialist, or one that is near your location.

Food to Eat in the First Week

For the first few days after you get braces, your best bet is to stick to food that is soft and easy to chew. Some of the best options are yogurt, mashed potatoes, soups, jelly, pudding, soft vegetables, pasta, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, stew, soft cheese, and so on. Some (non-citrus) fruits such as bananas can be eaten too.

Ideally you should cut food into small pieces and consciously take smaller bites when you’re eating. Try to chew more slowly and cautiously, and use your back teeth instead of your front so that there’s less pressure on them.

If you still find that your teeth are sensitive, you could use over-the-counter pain relievers. However if there is any pain or the sensitivity continues after the first week you should contact your dentist.

What to Do if Brackets or Wires are Damaged

In the event that you happen to notice that the brackets or wires of your braces are damaged or bent – book an appointment with your orthodontist immediately. Do not try to manually fix your braces as that will probably only make things worse.

The only thing that you should do while waiting for your appointment is place some dental wax on the sharp edge of any wire that is sticking out so that it doesn’t damage your cheeks or gums.

In most cases eating the right types food (and avoiding the wrong types) will lower the risk of damage to your braces.