Are You Scared of the Dentist?

For some, even just making an appointment can be very stressful. The good news is that we believe in giving each of our patients the support and care they need and offer a range of sedation options to help you get through treatment as comfortable as possible.

How can we help ease your anxiety?
At Dental on Clarke, we understand these feelings of stress and anxiety, and for this reason, we have created a practice with a calm and comforting environment. We communicate with each of our patients and take time to understand your concerns before formulating a treatment plan best suited to your individual needs.

As part of our services, we offer sedation options, and an alternative to traditional methods of local anaesthetic delivery, which are helpful in making treatment more manageable. Our sedation options include nitrous oxide (commonly known as happy gas) and general anaesthesia or sleep dentistry. We also offer ‘the wand’ which is an innovative means of delivering local anaesthesia. Each of these options has its own benefits, and we will discuss them with you in relation to your specific needs and the treatment you require.

What is happy gas?
Commonly known as happy gas, nitrous oxide sedation is a formula that works by calming patients and temporarily reducing sensation in the mouth.

The gas is inhaled through the nose with the use of a special mask that rests over the nose. The mask is very comfortable to wear, and the gas itself affects each patient slightly differently. The effect is, however, calming and gentle in all cases. When the gas has been inhaled, dental treatments can be performed comfortably.

With the use of happy gas, you will remain conscious throughout treatment. You’ll be able to speak to your dentist if you need to ask any questions or have any concerns. The effects of the gas last only a few minutes once no longer inhaled, and you shouldn’t feel any side-effects following treatment.

How does general anaesthesia work?
General anaesthesia is an option for people who feel very anxious, and who require a deep level of sedation during dental treatments. Also known as sleep dentistry, general anaesthesia can be provided at our an onsite day surgery facility for those who are not able to undergo treatment in the chair.

During sleep dentistry, you will not feel anything, and you will have no recollection of your procedure following treatment. Your anaesthetist will advise you on the duration of your recovery and any potential side-effects.

What is ‘the wand’?
‘The wand’, is an alternative to syringe-delivered local anaesthetic. An innovative technology, ‘the wand’ is a computer-assisted system, which delivers local anaesthetic drop-by-drop. The method is most often completely pain-free, and there is none of the stinging that is commonly associated with the traditional injection. It’s a great option for patients who feel anxious about the use of needles.

Is it worth undergoing sedation dentistry?
If you feel very anxious about visiting your dentist, you might put off important dental treatment, which can lead to small problems becoming painful, complicated, and expensive issues at a later stage. Sedation dentistry allows those suffering from dental anxiety to access the care they need. Thanks to advances in the field of dentistry, the sedation and anaesthesia options available are highly effective, and make dental treatments very manageable.