Thyroid Adrenal Support – Detoxification and Sleep As Health Aids!

Hypothyroidism affects millions of people today without them even knowing it! Discover how detoxification and sleep really help the thyroid and adrenal glands recover from daily stress and let you feel your best.

Here are 2 more major ways to support your thyroid and adrenal glands. Taking these actions will help you feel better in a number of ways, and your overall health will also be much improved if you can address any factors where you have subpar thyroid or adrenal performance occurring, as these glands affect the entire body.

1. Detoxification Does a Body Good. Cleansing helps support the liver, the thyroid, the adrenals, and the rest of the body. You can detoxify with nutrients, such as Chlorella, and Cilantro, or you can do it with many different herbs including milk thistle, and other nutrients such as Alpha-Lipoic Acid. There are many other herbs and nutrients that are very helpful, so you may want to research anything you choose to use.

The suggestion is made to start with a trial first to see how you respond. There is a caveat with some nutrients such as chlorella and cilantro. Some practitioners believe these substances can stir mercury up and cause it to redistribute in the tissues, so proceed cautiously whenever using such items. Do this especially if you have a number of silver (mercury) amalgam fillings. It is recommended you have any silver fillings removed safely by a holistic dentist trained in proper removal, and replaced with safe materials. Ask your dentist to see the material safety data sheet for the filling material, and Google the ingredients for safety reasons.

Finally, whatever you finally choose to detox with, start with a very low dosage every few hours on a regular schedule and see how you do. There are support groups on the internet who will coach you in proper detoxification. Dr. Andy Cutler, a research scientist has written an excellent book on detoxing mercury from the body if you care to Google him as a resource – some consider him to be a premier authority on such issues. Detoxification products are available from Life Extension, and Pure Encapsulations.

2. Sleep Serves as a Super Health Aid. The final tip for today is that you really need adequate sleep to support your thyroid and adrenals, as well as your whole body. A recent study reported that 76% of Americans suffer with sleep problems, so please take note – catching up on your sleep is one of the quickest routes to feeling good again! So take some extra time to invest in yourself, and find some helpful supplements.

One great product is melatonin, you can start at 3 mg and you can double and triple the dose; it’s very safe, and people with immune deficiencies or cancer can even take 20 or 40 mg daily. Other options include herbal teas, chamomile, valerian, hops, and GABA. GABA can be obtained in capsules, or now we even have the chewable GABA that not only helps with sleep, but with anxiety and stress disorders also.

OK, that’s enough for today – 2 more super health tips to get started with; applying these tips will provide a boost to your thyroid, adrenal, and perhaps overall health. But please don’t stop after a short trial – adequate sleep and regular cleansing of your body should be a way of life. Please catch our next article, where we will inform and educate on more super supplements for thyroid and adrenal health.

Thank-you for joining us,

Diane Culik, MD

ABC Wellness