Home Remedies For Head Lice – Remedies That Work

They feed on blood, live within the hairs of human heads, and are an insect of the parasitic variety referred to as head louse, or, more commonly termed, head lice. To expand upon the distinction of these particular parasites, head lice are unique in invading and inhabiting hair of the human head.

Head lice have the unfortunate and determined will in making the scalp and neck hairs of humans their respective mode of livability, thriving on the minute extraction of blood for their existence. The mere existence of head lice prompts the infested individual to seek immediate modes in both the extraction and alleviation from such intrusive, vile and invading insects, through total relief. Among such options for relief, would be to know of home remedies for head lice.

In color, a head louse present shades that range anywhere from white, gray or tan. An amazing fact is in that head lice only populate the heads, scalps and associated hair of humans.

Head lice make their undesirable presence known through the symptoms in that they inflict upon their individuals of prey. The most common sign of infestation is in causing the person whose head is infested to itch it frequently. The louse biting through the skin brings about such human reaction of itching, as it feeds upon meals, if you will, of blood.

Alternative signs that indicate possible infestation are irritation, which is created through the saliva of the louse, adenopathy, loss of hair, and insomnia, bringing the affected to a drastic search in accessible home remedies for head lice. Although an infestation of head lice, despite being parasite, in nature, do not communicate any diseases. However, as for a temporary self-home remedy, itching the scalp to the point of bleeding can pose a risk towards microbial infection in the afflicted.

To begin with an obvious though drastic solution, in a home remedy for head lice is either by shaving the head completely, or, cutting the hair to a length of one inch or less. The rationale behind these rather stark methods of eradications is that head lice need two elements in making their human prey’s head a homing and feeding ground, which are a warm scalp and enough length in hair shaft to remain affixed to. Shaving or cutting the hair of the infested eliminates adequate hair shaft length and lowers the temperature of the scalp, which endorses such practice among the home remedies for head lice.

Comb those louse right out of the hair could be considered as mechanical removal of head lice, among the alternative home remedies for head lice. Such practice involves wetting the hair, and then combing the wet shafts with a special comb. Such combs are referred to as either bug busting, wet, or fine tooth, and can be found, generally, of either plastic or metal in material.

While combs of both materials function identically, the metal variety is more sturdy and durable, and, in additional support, the teeth, after repetitive usage, do not separate. To engage upon the combing method for eradication as a most natural remedies for head lice, the afflicted individual will thoroughly comb through the wet hair with a regular type of comb, in order to alleviate any knotting or tangling of the shafts.

Next, choose between either a hair conditioner or olive oil, among supplemental home remedies for head lice, for the purpose of facilitating the use of either the bug busting, wet, or fine toothcomb, metal or plastic.