The Sacrifices-Cons That Are Not Talked About, After Having Professional Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser whitening gives instant whitening results using light-activated gel to brighten the teeth.

More and more people are opting to have their teeth professionally whitened. It is no longer seen as something only for the rich and famous but advancements in tooth whitening technology have made it accessible to all. Many in-office treatments are now offering 1 hour, 1 visit procedures which many are nick naming “Lunch time” tooth whitening, due to its speed and rapid results.

With so many desirable advantages of teeth whitening are there any sacrifices to be made by those who are about to take part in this treatment?

1) Well Yes, For the next 48/72 hours you should only consume white, cream or very pale coloured foods and beverages, these can consist of: Milk, lemonade water, white wine, chicken, fish, rice, smoked salmon, tuna, pasta, potatoes (boiled or jacket), chips, parsnips, cauliflower, sweet corn, cheese sauce, mayonnaise, salad cream, vanilla ice cream, apple pie, bananas, uncoloured yoghurts etc.

Please ensure you DO NOT consume: Tea (inc herbal teas), coffee, red wine, cola , beer, fruit juices, squashes, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, green vegetables, carrots, gravy, red meat, custard, salsa, tomatoes, pizza, tomato sauce, brown sauce, chilli, curry, jam, chocolate etc.

For longest lasting results possible…. Once your teeth have been treated, you should easily be able to maintain the colour. You should be looking to brush your teeth at least three or four times per day (especially after staining foods or beverages). The longer you leave your teeth between brushing, the easier they will become re stained – teeth are full of pores which soak up everything we put into our mouths. If you are unable to brush your teeth after eating then a mouth full of water swished around the mouth will help to minimise staining

2) Smoking should be stopped before teeth are bleached. Smoking can cause tissue damage on teeth and may defeat the effect of whitening. The best candidates for whitening are those with stains caused by coffee, tobacco or aging. Teeth whitening can be a very good treat/ reward for those who manage to beat the nicotine habit. All those pennies saved from stopping the habit can go towards rectify the damaged it may have done to teeth.

3) If you choose a peroxide base treatment of Laser whitening your teeth you may experience some teeth sensitivity. This can be pretty painful and you should avoid hot, cold or acidic food and beverages. Take pain relief medication, as directed by your teeth whitening technician, as long as there is no medical contradiction based upon your medical history. Use fluoride rinse and toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

All in all the sacrifices are small in comparison to the benefits of having your teeth bleached.