It’s a Pleasure to Be of Service

It’s a pleasure to be of service” was a saying I heard from a small child. Almost every morning my father would come into the kitchen, sit down at the table with a cup of coffee in hand and greet us by saying “top of the morning to ya”, making a toasting gesture. When he wanted another cup, he would look at me. When I did not want to get him another cup (which was most of the time) he would say with a big smile on his face, “it’s a pleasure to be of service. This is how we began our day.

As a child, I did not do it with a smile, it was more like gritting my teeth. It was not only with a cup of coffee, but with everything! Doing the dishes, cleaning the house, bringing in groceries etc. Every time I turned around, it seemed like those words would ring in my ears, “it’s a pleasure to be of service.” I admit, sometimes it would really make me mad because I really did not want to be of service!

One thing he knew that I did not was, that I was going to need this very important lesson in my life. There were many lessons he taught me and he stressed the ones he knew I was going to need, and this was one of them. See, he too was a businessman. He had always been in a home based sales business and had great success because he learned “to be of service.”

It was not until I was older and began working with the public that I really started thinking about it. Recently now more than ever before. I am finding myself trying to find ways to help someone succeed.

How many times have you emailed your up line or mentor and your answer came days later, if at all. Or your down line have a question and your response was late and halfhearted because you were busy? Let’s be honest. Over whelmed with too much on your plate? Some how you need to stop and redirect yourself, pay attention to “being of service” to someone. Help someone succeed!

In the internet marketing business, proper guidance goes along way. Guidance is not doing the work for them. You get taken advantage of that way, wanting you to make their money for them. Do not do that, they will have to learn how to do it right also. Most people just need a good push in the right direction. Newbies especially, wanting to make sure what the next step is.

Creating a good report with others allows them to put confidence in you and what you have to offer. If your proven knowledgeable, successful and trustworthy in life, in business etc., people will be interested. This is how to build your business and not surprisingly how partnerships are formed. You WILL be successful if you help others succeed. And as always, “it’s a pleasure to be of service.”