The Big Root Canal Coverup


If you’ve never had one, don’t despair, you haven’t missed anything. However, you may have heard that they’re painful. They’re not. The procedure is usually performed by an Endodontist, a dentist with specialized education and training in matters concerning the inside of a tooth; pulp, nerves, and blood vessels. It is used to repair and save a badly infected or decayed tooth that would otherwise have to be pulled. During the procedure, the nerve and pulp of the tooth are removed and replaced with materials formulated for the purpose. The tooth is then sealed and the patient will need to have a crown placed on it at a later time. Afterwards the day to day functioning of the tooth is not impaired.


Alternative phyicians who treat degenerative diseases are universally of the mind that root canals are a significant factor in the development of cancer. Many, if not most, assert that they have never treated a cancer patient without a history of one or more root canals. So it is no wonder then, that many alternative physicians advocate the removal of all root canal treated teeth.

The health problems caused by root canals are not limited to cancer. Meticulous research, actively suppressed for 83 years, has established indisputably that nearly every degenerative disease can be traced to a root canal. Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Dementia, Eye Disease, to mention only a few, can conceivably be traced to a root canal. To be sure, that’s not the only cause, but it is a significant one. The relationship of the root canal to degenerative diseases has been suppressed for so long that few dentists are aware of it.


Over a period of twenty five years, beginning in 1900, Dr Weston A Price carried out a program of extensive and meticulous research. His work culminated in two monumental volumes entitled> Dental Infections, Oral and Systemic, and Dental Infections & Systemic Diseases. Dr Price suspected that bacterial infection accompanies many degenerative diseases, and that tooth infections were often the villain. He set out to prove it, conducting thousands of experiments on 5,000 animals. His methodology was unimpeachable and his findings were impossible to repudiate. No amount of peer review could negate the conclusions he advanced. So what do you do when something comes along to rock your comfortable boat? You bury it. So a minority of autocratic dentists and physicians, comfortable in the way things were and feeling threatened by the spectre of change, refused to accept his theories of focal infection. Strong in their positions within the profession, they successfully suppressed the publication of Dr Price’s work and it moldered in obscurity for more than 70 years.


And it would have remained buried to this day if George E Meinig DDS, FACD had not discovered it. Dr Meinig, a practicing endodontist with many years experience in root canal therapy and an avid proponent of it investigated the the work and theories of Dr Price. And did an about face! He stopped doing root canals. He stopped advocating them. “Dr Weston Price’s 25-year root canal research ranks as one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine,” are the words Dr Meinig spoke when discussing this subject. He published a book; Root Canal Coverup, and he attempted to have his own professional organization, the American Association of Endodontists to take a serious look at Dr Price’s theories. To date, they’re not facing these issues.


It means that the status of our health can be infinitely more dependent on the condition of our teeth than we realize. Dr Price’s observations, confirmed by Dr Meinig, show that:

Bacterial infections accompany many degenerative diseases, and these infections often arise from the teeth.

A root-filled tooth can carry a disease that can metastisize and transfer to other parts of the body.

A person with more than one root-filled tooth can become infected with more than one disease, as each tooth is capable of carrying a separate set of disease producing bacteria. People can be suffering from various ailments arising from their teeth, all at the same time.

Dentists in general are unconvinced. They believe, wrongly, that the disinfecting treatment used during root canal therapy causes the death of these bacteria. Dr Meinig, after careful study, refutes this theory roundly. The bacteria which contribute to most of today’s diseases can no longer be killed by antibiotics because of the extensive overuse of these medications. The bacteria remaining and often flourishing in root canals are involved in most instances. The mechanics of how this all works is detailed in Dr Meinig’s book, Root Canal Coverup.


Anyone with a badly decayed or abcessed tooth would do well to elect having the tooth removed and replaced with a modern day titanium implant. While this procedure is considerably more expensive, a person’s whole health is considerably more valuable than a few dollars. Why on earth would anyone knowingly compromise his entire immune system to save a buck? Unless you care that your local endodontist will hate you.