RV Cleaning – It Doesn’t Have to Take Long!

For me, RV cleaning is something that ranks right up there with dentist visits, and clothes shopping with Hilga. As with most full time RV’s, they tend to be on the larger side, so when it comes time for RV cleaning, it is more than just a one day job if washing and waxing is involved. But if the right products and tools are used, it can be a much simpler task!

The biggest issue with cleaning an RV is its twelve and a half foot height. Washing the roof and sides is fairly easy. There are many brush attachments, with extendable handles, that allow a hose to be hooked to them so cleaning the sides can be accomplished fairly quickly. Standing on the ground you can easily reach the top half of the RV. Oh, and don’t use dish detergent to clean your RV. It will strip any wax you may have left on it. Be sure to use products designed to wash your RV. Thetford has a line designed specifically for your RV. When it comes to the black steaks, you need the right product! It’s also important to know whether you are cleaning gel coat or clear coat.

Okay, so that takes care of the washing part of the project. Now, how are you going to reach every surface in order to be able to wax it. If you are going to use an orbital buffer, you are really going to need a sturdy ladder that will allow you to exert pressure without pushing yourself away from your work surface.

There is only one ladder I know of that allows enough adjustability to make this part of the project so much easier, and cut the time for completing the waxing job in half. That is a Little Giant Ladder. If you own an RV, this is something that you have to have if you are serious about being able to reach every area you need to for maintenance. And that includes waxing the RV!

With one ladder you can have a sturdy A-frame ladder, a ninety degree ladder to allow getting right against the RV, an extension ladder to rest against your rear RV ladder for more safety, and even a scaffold setup, all from just one ladder! I have owned one for two years. I learned about if from a fellow RVer. It is small and portable yet it becomes a twenty two foot extension ladder if I need it. What a time saver!

So, if you dread the time it takes for RV cleaning, consider having the right tools and products for the job. If you do, you can cut the time it takes considerably. You might even enjoy the project a little more. With the right tools your clean and shiny RV will be the standard against which all others will be measured. I recommend specific products at yourfulltimervliving.com/rv-cleaning for all aspects of the RV cleaning job. Happy cleaning!