Questions to Ask Your New Dentist in Preparation for Your Dental Blueprint

“Can I change the blueprint?” is one of the most popular questions that a great many people ask. Of course-change is very healthy, and you and your dentist will discover many new things as you work together. Be open and prepared to change and know with confidence that you will alter your plan.

Questions for Your New Dentist that You Can Pull Out

Each of the chapters provides special information that will be of great value for forming your list:

• Remember for sure that you want to know if this person is a modern, progressive dentist. There are simple, point-blank questions that will tell you a lot. Can the person work with you to develop a radiant smile? What sorts of organizations does the dentist belong to? What are the person’s credentials-how long in practice? How solid is the financial stability of the practice?

• You’ve come a half hour early so you can observe the practice in action and add any new questions to your list. Be sure to dig into your own problem areas, and don’t be shy about questions that relate directly to the dentist.

• Be sure to ask about the dental lab and watch how the dentist reacts. You will also want to know about the materials used in the lab-listen closely to how the dentist works with the lab. Ask if you can visit the lab.

• Cosmetic dentistry is a place to really cut loose with your questions. Cover everything about your look and how you want it to change. Do not be shy or reserved about being candid with your dentist. Do not hold back because you are worried about being vain; wanting a healthy face and a beautiful smile is only natural.

• The link between the heart and the dental system is one of our most important. Do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions related to how this serious situation will be approached fully in your blueprint.

• Be very straightforward about your budgetary constraints related to dental work. If you have chosen the right dental professional, it will become immediately obvious when you present your questions about your budgeting work over a period of five or so years.

• We rarely hear a murmur about just how many people are afraid to go to the dentist. Be fully aware that you are absolutely not alone. The thought often sparks people to lighten up, and feeling the release from dental phobias gives them a huge boost, so they go after their dental plan wholeheartedly.

Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Go over the dentist’s track record and take a look online to verify the truth about what the person tells you. Do not believe all you read online. Many competitor dentists try to trash their competition’s names. Talk to some of the dentist’s actual patients who have undergone procedures similar to what you are considering having done. What is the history of dental care and emotional patterns such as phobias that you have developed to date as a part of your life?

Dental Question List

• Is the dentist accepting new patients?

• How long has the dentist been in practice?

• How long has he/she been at the current location?

• Does the dentist treat patients with special conditions?

Some examples of special conditions are:

Physical handicaps




• What kind of relaxation techniques, such as nitrous oxide or dental sedation, does the practice offer for various phobias?

• Does the dentist see children as well as adults?

• What is the wait for appointments?

• Does the dentist offer the latest in dental technology?

• Does the dentist take continuing education courses and stay up to date with the latest techniques?

• Is the dentist office convenient to your work or home?

• Are the office hours compatible with your schedule?

• What kind of emergency after-hours care does the dentist provide?

Questions for the Dentist• How long have you been practicing dentistry?

• How often do you care for your own teeth?

• Who is your personal dentist?

• How many procedure have you completed?

• Would you supply me with the names of some of your patients who have had similar procedures, so I can contact them?

• What dental lab do you use?

• May I visit your dental lab and learn more about how you work with them?

• Will you supply me with the dental material certificate for my record?

• What are the warranties that you provide for the different dental procedures I will require?

• Which of the various services I will require do you provide in your office?

• What sort of emergency care is available if you are not available?

• If I have to go to a specialist, who is ultimately responsible for my dental work if something should fail?

• Do you have a written agreement with your specialists regarding dental failures?

• What sort of warranty is available from you dental lab technician?

• Do you have a written agreement with your dental lab partner?

• Will you show me some of your own before and after dental photos?