Fluoride: The Hard To Swallow Truth

Thanks to a very successful PR campaign most of us have been led to believe that fluoride is added to our water because it is proven to reduce tooth decay and strengthen our bones. However, scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that populations with fluoridated water have higher rates of tooth decay, skeletal fluorosis, osteoporosis and other health problems including cancer, infertility, joint problems, mental disturbances, autism and Alzheimer’s.

In addition, 36 studies confirm the link between fluoride and reduced intelligence. Most notably, a recent scientific study has linked water fluoridation to reduced IQ in children.

The History of Fluoride

In the 1930’s Adolph Hitler envisioned a population to be dominated and controlled through mass mind control. German scientists, under the approval of the German General Staff, devised an ingenious plan to medicate the drinking water with sodium fluoride. Through this method they could control the population in whole areas and even produce sterility. Water fluoridation occupied a prominent place in Nazi Germany and was later adopted by the Russians to make their prisoners of war more docile and less likely to question their lack of freedoms.

Today 11 countries in the world have more than 50% of their population drinking fluoridated water: Australia (80%), Brunei (95%); Chile (70%), Guyana (62%), Hong Kong (100%), the Irish Republic (73%), Israel (70%), Malaysia (75%), New Zealand (62%), Singapore (100%), and the United States (64%).

Water fluoridation has been banned in many countries including: China, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Japan. 97% of Europe’s water supply is fluoride-free.

Given the many health risks associated with fluoride, one might ask why many developed nations continue to fluoridate their water? (including several cities in New Zealand)

Fluoride is a Potent Poison!

On a tube of fluoridated toothpaste you will find a warning, “do not swallow” and to call emergency authorities in case of accidental ingestion. The amount in question? A quarter of a milligram of fluoride which is the amount contained in a pea size amount of toothpaste.

Interestingly this is the same amount of fluoride contained in a standard 8 ounce glass of water (250 mls) So why the lack of corresponding health warning?

How to Avoid Fluoride

Filter your tap water

Avoid processed and packaged food

Buy fluoride-free toothpaste

Avoid fluoride treatments at the dentist

Don’t drink soft drinks, coffee or tea at restaurants

Don’t drink bottled water (with the exception of European water) as it is usually fluoridated

If you can’t breastfeed, don’t use tap water for baby formula