Medical Jobs Posted on Craigslist – What You May Find

Are you looking for a job in the medical industry? Although you have many different job search options, you should closely examine This classified website and service has increased in popularity. For that reason, more employers use it to find job seekers, like yourself. Although a wide range of medical jobs are listed, what are you likely to find?

Dental Assistants

A common job posting found on Craigslist is for dental assistants. This is a great job for anyone interested in getting their foot in the door at a dental office. You may have aspirations to continue schooling and become a dentist. Dental assistants assist dentists performing a wide range of tasks. Common duties include cleaning instruments, laying them out before procedures, obtaining patient records, and helping patients get comfortable before a procedure. Most dental assistants learn by on the job training, but some hiring offices prefer candidates with experience or training in the medical or dentistry field.


Working as a nurse requires more training and experience than a dental assistant. In most cases, school or a proper training course is required. The good news? There are many different fields of nursing. A few examples include clinical nurses, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners. Nurses are needed at different types of offices, including those for adult care, pediatric care, and cosmetic surgery. Hiring medical offices have varying work experience and training requirements. Read all information provided before applying to ensure you are the right candidate.

Home Health Aids

Home health aid jobs posted on Craigslist typically come in two different formats. There are existing companies that work with a wide range of clients. They provide nurses. The job may involve working at a retirement community or doing home visits. There are some independent jobs posted on too. A good example is a daughter who suspects her mother needs help or medical assistance, but isn’t quite ready for a nursing home. She may hire a home aid, which could be you, to come into the home a set number of hours each day. Your tasks can include giving simple medical tests, cooking, or keeping the patient occupied.

Office Positions

Although these types of jobs tend to fall into the office management category, medical offices need help from qualified professionals. There are regularly job listings on Craigslist for office secretaries, billing specialists, appointment schedulers, office managers, IT managers and more.

As you can see, there are many medical jobs that are commonly advertised on Craigslist. These are just a few of the many that you will find. Other common medical jobs offered on Craigslist include those for billing, coding, and transcription. Do you want to start your job search today?