Dental Service in Dubai

Compared to other developed nations, health care in Dubai is of very high quality. Hospitals (both private and public) boast of the latest breakthroughs, modern facilities, competent doctors, and medical staff. People in Dubai have easy access to all their medical needs. As a matter of fact, the ratio of doctors to patients is very high in Dubai.

The same is the case with dental service in Dubai. Much like the overall medical care in general, dental services in Dubai are at par with that of developed nations.

For one, dentists in Dubai are very well-known for their competence in the field. Quite a number of dentists in Dubai have been trained in the best dental schools abroad, particularly in the United States and Canada, and have even undergone specialization studies in dental cosmetology, restorative dentistry etc. Good dental schools are also beginning to sprout in Dubai. As a matter of fact, the well-known Boston University has just signed a deal to open a dental school with the Dubai Healthcare City, this July 2008. This would mean that dentists in Dubai and from other regions will be able to study post-doctoral dental education with a US-based curriculum, bringing in the latest technology and procedures.

The move to further develop dental services in Dubai is probably part of the government’s program to improve its image as one of the best destinations for medical tourism. With the bleak future of petro dollars due to the decreasing supply and the movement for non-fossil fuel alternatives as a solution to global warming, it is just about time that the government looks for other steady sources of income for Dubai.

When on the look-out for the best dentists in Dubai, there are things that you can do to ensure you get your money’s worth. Note that dental services in Dubai can get quite costly, compared to the rates offered by dentists in other countries. Word-of-mouth is an easy way. Ask people around you as to whose dental services they avail of. Chances are, people will be highly recommending the best dentists in the area.

Another option is to get a brief profile of the dentist. From what school did he or she graduated from? How many patients have they had? Were there any complaints from the patients? How many years of practice does he or she have? Dentists from reputable schools are safe choices as they would have acquired the best training and education. If the dentist’s clinic always has a long queue, chances are, patients are very satisfied with the services and thus, they keep coming back. If the dentist has been practicing for quite a number of years already, it means that he or she is already a pro.

Set an appointment early and make sure to ask questions. Some patients are afraid to ask questions for fear of sounding stupid. The thing to take mental note of however is that dentists are there to assist you and help you know more about your teeth and oral hygiene. It will be the dentist’s pleasure to assist you in anyway that they can.