Fighting Halitosis With the Help of a Good Toothpaste

To the person who wants to maintain a good social life, few conditions are as dreadful as halitosis.

Halitosis is a condition characterized by bad breath, where a person ends up giving out a very bad smell from their mouth whenever they speak (or in the worse cases, whenever they just exhale).

Halitosis happens to be one of those insidious conditions which you, as the sufferer, will never know that you suffer from, unless someone decides to be very blunt with you and tells you so. This is because we are usually not capable of sensing our own smells (including that coming from the mouth). Others can, however, perceive them, and if the odor emanating from your mouth is foul, then you can be sure it won’t be a good reflection on you in any human setting. In fact, this is one of the conditions which are universally frowned upon – so that the diversity of human cultures notwithstanding, you can be sure that there is no place where you will find halitosis being a well tolerated condition.

People may not doing it consciously (most people are too kind), but at a subconscious level, they will tend to find themselves inclined to withdraw from you, if you suffer from halitosis.

Halitosis can have its roots in the mouth (as a result of decayed teeth, decayed food remains and so on), or it can have its roots deeper in the digestive tract – typical causes in the latter case being things like constipation and blood toxicity. In either case, though, a good toothpaste can help you fight halitosis, as well as the social and psychological ramifications it comes with.

Let’s look at the case where the cause of halitosis is local (in the mouth). Now a good toothpaste is likely to serve as an oral cleaning aid; making for thorough cleaning of the teeth. This would rid the teeth of food remains, whose accumulation would almost certainly lead to bad breath. Without the help of toothpastes, it is almost a certainty that most of us would never be able to clean our teeth correctly, and would therefore always struggle with halitosis and its effects. If nothing else, the typically sweet taste of the toothpaste serves as a subconscious motivator for one to brush tooth. Toothpaste also contains ingredients aimed at combating plaque, whose accumulation in the mouth often leads to dental caries (tooth decay), a common cause for halitosis in many people. Furthermore, it has become common practice for toothpaste makers to include some anti-bacterial ingredients, whose presence takes the fight against halitosis a step further.

Even where halitosis is coming from further down the digestive tract, toothpaste still offers some promise to, at the very least, mask the problem. You just need to ensure that you are using the right type of toothpaste (one containing a ‘breath freshening’ formulation), and with its help, you can have the bad breath which will be emanating from further deep the digestive tract neutralized, before being let out.