Dental  Topics to Engage & Inform Patients

In the field of dentistry, there are many events that take place all year round. These events allow dentists to get up-to-date on new developments in the dental industry and to learn more about their craft.

A number of these conferences are geared towards general dentists, while others are targeted at specialists in a particular field. For example, there is a conference for pediatric dentists and one for orthodontists.

Dentists can attend these conferences to network with other practitioners, as well as with manufacturers of dental equipment. They can also use these events to find out about new research findings or new techniques

The focus of dental events is on education and networking.

All on 4 dental implants are a type of implant that uses just four implants to support an entire arch of teeth. This can be a upper arch or a lower arch. The implants are placed in the jawbone and then topped with a custom-made dental bridge.

Dental events are a great way to network with other dentists and learn about the latest advances in dental technology.

Dental events are also a great opportunity to hear from industry speakers on topics like:

-How to improve your practice’s profitability -How to make your office more efficient -What the latest regulations are and how they affect you -How to get certified in new technologies

5 Dental Blog Topics to Engage & Inform Patients

1. Area of expertise

Some of the most successful dental blogs today are run by individuals with one area of expertise that they stick to writing about. For example, Dr. William Chan is an orthodontist with a large portion of kids and teens as patients. In light of this, his blog centers around Invisalign, braces and how orthodontic solutions fit with certain lifestyles.

2. Myth buster articles

A recent study in the National Library of Medicine examined the large amount of misinformation surrounding dental topics. Researchers explained that the best method to combat this “is to empower individuals to publish and create an environment of ‘real news’.” This dental practice based in Ohio took to their blog to dispel common myths. As a result, they appear on the first page of Google for the term “dental hygiene myths”.

3. Actionable guides

Most people understand why oral health is important, but tackling how to maintain it is a great way to provide useful information. How-to searches are among the most popular types on Google. Take advantage of this and craft guides to common problems facing your current patients or your ideal patient. Say you specialize in children’s dentistry. Writing a “How to get your kids to brush for 2 minutes” or  “How to treat a child’s toothache” is a great way to attract new potential patients to your website.

4. Answer FAQs

Frequently asked questions or FAQs offer many ideas for dental blog topics. You can take common questions from your patients into account and expand these into full posts. It’s very likely that if your patients are asking the question, others online are asking too. FAQ posts can answer things like:

  • How often should I get X service at the dentist?
  • What are the signs of X dental issue?
  • Is X mouth pain normal?
  • What do X symptoms mean?
  • When should I see a dentist for X?

5. Address embarrassing issues

Many people feel ashamed to bring up certain health-related topics and turn to the internet for answers. You can use a blog to tackle dental hygiene topics like different causes of bad breath or the warning signs of receding gums. Discussing the issues that many are afraid to talk about makes you and your practice more approachable to those struggling with these problems.