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How long do braces need to be worn?

How long do you need to wear it?

Braces can take anywhere from 6 months to more than 2 years to work. However, everyone has different degrees of misalignment of their teeth, so there is no set time period.

Several factors can affect how long your braces will take to correct, including:

  • Material for braces
  • The degree of straight teeth
  • your age
  • Whether the patient has followed the doctor’s notice
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Why do braces take so long?

Braces need to gently move the teeth into place in a slow, progressive manner. Because your teeth are attached to the bones in your mouth – so you can’t move them into place quickly. This process will be slower.

Also, once your teeth are moved into the correct position, it still takes a while to wear them, considering your gums and soft tissues.

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What affects the length of orthodontic treatment?

◆How straight your teeth are

Every orthodontic case is different. Some people require longer treatment due to severely misaligned teeth. While others hardly need it.

That said, if you need braces to correct any orthodontic issues, it may take longer.

However, if you need braces for purely cosmetic reasons, it will take less time.

◆Brace material

First, the type of treatment plan you choose will determine how long it will take to correct the bite. The times are sorted from least to most as follows:

Invisible braces<lingual braces<ceramic braces

Invisible aligners are shorter than metal braces

Invisible aligners have a shorter treatment time but are suitable for less complicated cases. However, those who wear invisible aligners often have less complex tooth alignment issues.

invisible braces

Invisible aligners are also less harmful than metal braces, but this may also be because the orthodontic problems they treat are less complex.

●Ceramic braces

If you have ceramic braces, you may need longer treatment. The material cannot withstand as much tension as traditional braces, making the process more time-consuming.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth and invisible to others, making them popular with adults who need braces. This type of braces is unique, but they take longer.

Your orthodontist will first take an X-ray of your teeth, so they can determine exactly where your braces need to be worn. This process takes more time because lingual corrections are more difficult to adjust than others.

➨ Does the patient follow the doctor’s instructions?

Finally, if patients follow their dentist’s instructions correctly, they can complete the process faster and easier. Treatment can be problematic when patients do not follow directions correctly, increasing treatment time.

Especially those aligners that can be removed, it is always difficult for patients to follow the doctor’s notice.

Brushing your teeth properly and maintaining good oral hygiene, as well as seeing your doctor regularly, will help shorten the time.

● age

Still developing children and teens tend to do better with braces because theirs are still developing, but for many adults, braces are still a good option.

Adults need to wear them longer than children because their mouths are harder and more “set”.

So, you know what factors are related to the time of wearing braces!

For the long-term health of our teeth, straightening is not a quick process. A truly responsible doctor won’t promise you how quickly you’ll get results. The orthodontist will need to assess the length of time based on your overall condition.

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