Zirconia Ceramic Dental Bridges

Having a gap in your mouth can be challenging concerning proper pronunciation common with the front teeth, smiling, biting and eating among other things. Therefore we need a solution to this, and the best way to go is either dental crown, bridge or a denture. In this article, we focus on a dental bridge as the ultimate solution to missing teeth in the mouth.

Dental bridges are bridges between two teeth; they are prosthetic fillers to cover the gap. They are designed to fill any gap even a frontal teeth gap. They are made of different materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and other metal alloys such as gold.

Types of Zirconia Ceramic Dental Bridges.

• Frontal teeth bridges, these are commonly made to cover a frontal gap, they are made in a way that the prosthetic tooth is held between a pair of crowns for the adjacent teeth. The crown is fixed on the teeth on either side of the gap bridging it.

• Maryland Bridge or a bonded bridge uses a framework like metal or porcelain wings to attach to the adjacent teeth holding the pontic at the position of the gap. They are easy to fix but with time the resin adhesive loses its strength, and they can fall off.

• Cantilever Bridge, this is where the artificial tooth is fixed with the help of abutment that attaches it to one of the adjacent natural teeth. They use the traditional bridge technique only that they rely on one tooth next to the missing one.

• Implant-supported bridge, a wide gap of missing teeth or one that is at a position with no strong teeth to hold the artificial one in place, dental implants are used. This involves the fixing of an implant on the gaps to keep the pontic in place; they are the most common and safest dental bridges since they do not tamper with the integrity of the other teeth. However, they are procedural, but they offer permanent solutions.

Benefits of Zirconia Ceramic Dental Bridges

• They bring back your smile

• They help keep the facial muscles and jaws in shape

• One is able to avoid tongue biting and other problems that come as a result of lacking proper teeth alignment due to missing teeth

• One is able to chew, bite and pronounce properly

The procedure of getting a Zirconia Ceramic Dental Bridges

This follows a proper agreement with your dentist on the best dental bridge, depending on the process the time is likely to vary.

In the first visit, for the traditional dental bridge, the adjacent teeth are prepared for crowning which involves the partial removal of the enamel layer to allow an adhesive to attach on them as well as create room for the crown.

During this visit, the impressions of your teeth are taken to allow for the designing of the artificial teeth. A temporary bridge is fixed to protect the already prepared segment.

On the second visit, the temporary bridge is replaced with a permanent one that is well fitted and adjusted accordingly. Dental visits are scheduled to check on the progress and to manage any problems that may arise.

Cost of a Zirconia Ceramic Dental Bridges

The price varies with the type of bridge being used. However, the procedure is quite affordable, and your dentist can advise you on the best process that is well affordable to your pocket.


Zirconia Ceramic Dental Bridges have very many benefits and very few cons, they last long and with proper oral care and regular visits to the dentist they can last for over ten years. They do not pose any difficulty nor pain, they actually make life better again.