Wisdom Teeth – A Painful Procedure?

Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to grow in the mouth. They can be the cause of pain because they fail to completely come up from the gum bed, making it painful for an adult person to chew, let alone swallow. This is a very painful phase that makes people to go for immediate removal of the wisdom teeth inside the mouth. These teeth sometimes come in pairs and all of the teeth come out perfectly, except for this one, because of the lack of space in the gum line in the back of the mouth. As the teeth struggle to come out, it can cause severe if not unimaginable pain for a person, making them seek dental help or surgery as a last resort.

Surgical Procedures To Remove Wisdom Teeth
Tooth extraction is a common and easy procedure that 2 in 10 people will have to go through when it comes to these teeth. There are many types of oral surgery procedures to choose from for a person going through intense pain due to wisdom teeth. One of these is oral extraction in which the person is put under local anesthesia and the impacted tooth is taken out. With this method the person can be out of the doctor’s office within hours of the procedure and only has a minor tooth pain afterwords. The typical tooth that is taken out of the mouth is the third molar from the bottom part of the teeth and this procedure, by definition, is said to be one of the easiest surgeries to go through, but it can take longer since the Dr. has to deal with the over bite.

This procedure can also help in minimizing any future mouth discomforts seeing as how among all of the dental emergencies, it can be the most dangerous at times. If the tooth does not get treated in time, it can cause further pain and create further problems for the person along with causing several kinds of infections to happen in the mouth. These are all problems that can be avoided if the person goes to the doctor at the first sign of difficulty or pain.

Ways To Avoid Dental Pain
One of the easiest signs to look for to see if a person needs to have their wisdom teeth pulled out is pain from chewing, and an inflammation of their bottom gums. These are the most clear cut points that are the easiest to look for. Even if a person does not feel any kind of pain or does not have their wisdom teeth showing up, they can get their teeth checked every month. The doctor can examine the teeth and see how they will come out at a later age. The doctor can then take their teeth out even before they start to come out with a simple surgery that takes about an hour to complete, and the person does not have to worry about going through the usual trauma that a wisdom teeth causes. For people who have their wisdom teeth showing up, a good way to avoid the pain caused by wisdom teeth before the trip to the doctor’s is to numb the teeth with baby orajel which helps the person numb the feeling almost instantly until they seek help.