Why More Americans Are Seeking Dental Care in Mexico

Dentistry, like so many other branches of American healthcare, is seeing prices rise. As more Americans lose insurance or see their insurer make cutbacks on what their plan will cover, it becomes increasingly difficult to get even the most basic of services. Without insurance, dental costs can be completely prohibitive, and payment for any kind of advanced treatment is completely out of the question.

In response to these rising prices, more working Americans have been seeking dental implants and cosmetic dentistry in Mexico. Many insurance companies will not pay for these treatments within the U.S., leaving clients to shoulder the burden alone. However, outside the U.S., American trained dentists offer the same service for as little as half the price of their in-country counterparts. Like medical tourism, dental tourism is on the rise.

This article will explore the increasingly common option of medical tourism. You’ll see why more Americans are choosing to save money by getting cosmetic dentistry in Mexico rather than paying full price in the U.S. It will also discuss dental implants in Mexico and other non-cosmetic procedures that are available.

Cosmetic Dentistry In Mexico

Out of all the dental specialties, cosmetic dentistry is perhaps the most commonly slighted by insurance. The name, however, is misleading: not all cosmetic dentistry is, in fact, purely cosmetic. Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures like root canals, which remove and replace infected tissue, and implants, which replace lost or missing teeth. Unless your teeth are healthy and you have a full set, then you will suffer while eating, drinking, and going about daily life.

Cosmetic dentistry also includes procedures such as tooth whitening and veneers, which, although they do not impact the structure or function of your teeth, nonetheless have an incredible impact. Studies have shown that first impressions are based largely on the way the stranger smiles. Yellowed or crooked teeth can make quite a bad impression, while a straight, beautiful smile is welcoming. In addition, when you know your smile looks great, you’re more likely to project confidence.

For all these reasons and more, people choose to seek cosmetic dentistry. But the costs of these procedures in the U.S. are incredibly high, sometimes as much as several hundreds or thousands of dollars. Yet the same quality of care is available just across the border. Cosmetic dentistry in Mexico provides the same procedures with the same quality of care before, during, and after. From the simplest to the most complex procedures, the dentists will take care of you as their U.S. counterparts would. In fact, many dentists trained in the U.S. go on to practice in cosmetic dentistry in Mexico, where their overhead is less expensive. They then pass those savings on to you, providing their quality care for less.

Dental Implants In Mexico

Although dental implants are considered cosmetic dentistry, many who have gotten them would consider them an essential. They can help improve chewing, which in turn helps with digestion. However, to many insurance companies, treatments like these are still considered “cosmetic” and thus not covered (or only minimally covered) by the plan. Some companies do offer supplemental dental insurance, or a specialized plan, but the increased cost is often almost as bad as the cost of the procedure itself. In such a situation, getting the necessary procedure is often just impossible.

Dental implants in Mexico are installed by dentists with the same training as their local counterparts. The same materials are used, and the same results achieved, for a fraction of the price. Patients are able to walk away with great dental implants in Mexico without the financial burden that getting the procedure done stateside would entail.

Dental implants in Mexico, and more general cosmetic dentistry in Mexico, are only a part of the dental care available there. There are many oral surgeons qualified to perform a wide variety of dental procedures depending on your needs. To determine what is best for you, it is generally advisable to consult with your regular dentist, and then contact a medical travel company to get their recommendations. These companies exist solely to connect U.S. citizens who don’t want to pay inflated local prices with international doctors, dentists, and specialists who are able to offer excellent care at reduced rates. Working with one of these companies will help you determine the best doctors for each particular specialty, taking any guesswork out of planning your medical procedure. With the right preparation and a bit of planning, you will have an excellent experience, whether you choose to get dental implants, or other cosmetic dentistry in Mexico, or another medical procedure altogether.