Why Choose The Oral B Genius X Luxe Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Genius X LUXE electric toothbrushes all come with inbuilt pressure sensors, which many users consider a big advantage. Oral B Genius X LUXE brushes however do offer a degree of protection by the motor reducing in power or shutting off whenever you press too hard.

A major advantage of the best Oral B toothbrush models is their Quick Start feature that lets a new user gradually become used to the novel experience. By scaling up brushing power slowly over a week or two, it increases comfort levels and stops users abandoning the device to return to manual brushing.

How are the best Oral B Genius X LUXE toothbrush models different?

Although they share some things in common, it wouldn’t be right to call all the top Oral B electric toothbrushes identical. In fact, they aren’t even similar!

So what makes a particular device distinct and unique that you’ll pick it over other choices?

You should consider several aspects.

Even if there are dozens of choices of Oral B brush heads, all of them share some similarities. All of them, for instance, have a sweeping movement to clean teeth. This is modelled upon the movements we make while using a manual toothbrush.

On the other hand, Oral-B toothbrush heads operate in an oscillatory motion to accomplish the same effect. In other words, your ideal Oral B toothbrush replacement head must offer the exact benefit you’re looking for in an electric brush.

Electric toothbrushes are more expensive. However it is worth making an effort to find money that will cover this cost. And you can enjoy healthy gums and no dental infections over the years to follow.

Dental plaque is a complication of gingivitis and is made worse by gum infections. The sticky material accumulates in places that are infected, and will in turn lead to damage to your teeth. All such conditions lead to poor oral hygiene and can have more serious consequences to your dental health.

Periodontal conditions which affect the jaw, gums and parts near the teeth can become worse by the accumulation of dental plaque. In addition, gums begin to hurt and feel sore, especially when touched or brushed. People who suffer gingivitis find it painful and uncomfortable to brush effectively.

Pressure sensor: A visible indication that you may be pressing too hard on sensitive gums and teeth helps prevent injury.

Brush Sync feature: A technological advance that automatically detects the type of brush head attached to the handle, BrushSync allows adjustments for optimal cleaning. The brush head also must be fitted with a ‘smart’ sensor to couple with the device for this purpose.