Who Can Use Invisalign And What Are The Benefits Of This Orthodontic Treatment?

Besides creating an appearance that is less aesthetic, teeth that are too crowded, very widely spaced or misplaced can also bring along several other serious oral health complications. This is something that nobody likes having to live with for all their lives.

The Invisalign technology is a fashionable and trending orthodontic system of treatment that employs comfortable and smooth clear plastic dental aligners to gently, slowly and gradually shift your misaligned teeth into better positions. These unique and innovative aligners are commonly known as “invisible braces” by most people because they are virtually invisible when worn.

Who Can Use This Method?

This method is an excellent option for those many that desire to get orthodontic correction but don’t need or wish to put on the conventional metal braces. Among what can be corrected using this innovative treatment approach includes:

• Teeth crowding
• Widely spaced teeth
• Twisted teeth
• Overlapping teeth
• Mild cases of malocclusions

Before you finally decide that you will go for this method of orthodontic correction, it’s important that you comprehensively discuss your goals as well as all your concerns with your orthodontist.

All specialist dental care providers must be accredited by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. The Australian Dental Council (ADC) has been mandated by law as the body that registers dental professions under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. So verify their credentials and government certifications.

Great Aesthetics

People who are in regular speaking engagements before public audiences/gatherings, those who have to meet with clients face to face, or those with other such factors that demand a professional and mature appearance are some of the best candidates.

This is a very good choice for anybody who wishes to have their teeth straightened but is not happy about the inconveniences and aesthetics of traditional metal braces. If you so wish, it’s possible to remove the aligners for your special events or occasions.

Good for Teens

Being a teenager is tough and challenging. Teens are known to be extremely self-conscious regarding their looks and kind of image they publicly project. The Teen version helps them to get their teeth straightened without having to undergo hassles associated with braces. It is also an excellent alternative for students who take part in sports or musicians.

Here are a few aspects you must consider:

1. Having cosmetic dentistry may be a fine choice if your teeth are only mildly crooked or you got big spaces in between. However, if they overlap, are twisted or crowded, it’s necessary to consider having them straightened using orthodontics rather than attempt to conceal the problems through cosmetic dentistry.

2. Crowded or crooked teeth are certainly more challenging when it comes to keeping them clean. This exposes them to higher risk levels in relation to contracting gum disease and decay. Orthodontics makes a fine way of straightening your problematic teeth.

3. These virtually invisible dental aligners will gently and gradually shift your crooked or crowded teeth into positions which are more pleasing. All dental medical products must have the approval of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA)

Remember that good dental hygiene and care for your aligners is critical to how fast your treatment lasts. Therefore follow the instructions from your dental professional for maximum results and for that winning smile.