What You Need To Know About Invisalign Clear Braces

Compared to the often awkward-looking metal braces, Invisalign is a practically invisible solution to aligning your teeth. It won’t make you feel embarrassed each time you open your mouth to talk with someone of flash your smile. Because it can also be easily slid off, the device allows for effective brushing and flossing of the teeth.

The device is crafted from polyurethane, a medical-grade transparent plastic type. Such spares the wearer from the discomfort of wearing metal and other traditional dental appliances which apply extreme pressure. The edges of the structure are smooth so they won’t leave your mouth with painful blisters and sores. A lot of adults go for it instead of metal braces, usually associated with teenage kids. For someone who already has a career, it’s possible to have his or her smile perfected while maintaining a strictly professional look.

A scan of the patient’s mouth is taken by a dentist who’s qualified to fit the device. The data is fed to a computer where a digital representation of the teeth is generated. The dentist will manipulate each tooth on the computer, and it’s the computer which will design and generate the molds needed. Each one of them gently pushes the teeth into alignment.

The patient has to wear each mold for about a couple of weeks. He or she should return to the clinic in order to have the next mold fitted. The process is repeated until such time all the molds have been worn and the teeth have been aligned as desired. The process is much faster compared to traditional means of attaining a better smile. According to a study conducted on it, one can attain perfectly aligned teeth in 12 to 18 months only, faster than wearing metal braces.

Benefits to enjoy from wearing this device are numerous. It makes it possible for you to enjoy the food you like, without the need to avoid those that are impossible to have when traditional braces are worn. Prior to eating or drinking, you simply have to remove the device. Cleaning your teeth thoroughly is also possible, without the need to purchase and use special tools. Brushing and flossing can be carried out hassle-free to prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

It has to be put in place most of the time, even while you’re sleeping. Removal is done only during meals to keep the plastic from getting damaged or making it less clear due to stains some beverages may leave. You may also remove it whenever you want to gain confidence, such as when having your photos taken or chatting with someone up close.

However, there are also certain drawbacks involved. Lisping may be noted especially during the first few days of wearing the device. But this goes away naturally once you have adjusted to it. It’s possible for the plastic to get damaged, such as when teeth grinding happens during sleep. Compared to other traditional means, it can come with a steeper price tag.

Invisalign is especially preferred by adults as it’s not as clumsy as wearing metal braces. Due to the different benefits offered, many don’t mind that it’s a more expensive solution. Without everyone knowing about it, you can enjoy a better smile and at the shortest time possible.