What Is Clitoral Hood Reduction Or Hoodectomy?

Due to the increasing popularization of vaginal rejuvenation procedures growing numbers of women are opting for procedures such as clitoral hood reduction surgery to restore the confidence and health of their bodies. Also called a Hoodectomy the procedure addresses a range of issues. Its primary objective is to eliminate the amount of tissue that is causing problems, and ultimately improve the appearance and function of the clitoris as an entire.

What’s with what is Clitoral Hood?

The clitoral hood is a part of the skin situated on the top of the vulva. It is the highest point of the labia minora which results in a hood-like protective shape. The name implies the folds of tissue cover the clitoris and protects the shaft and its tip.

The clitoris contains over 15,000 nerve cells. The hood helps prevent irritation and overstimulation in everyday life. As the clitoris becomes engorged in sexual arousal the tissue is moved to the side for direct stimulation.

As with other vaginal parts the exact size as well as the shape and size of the clitoral hood is different from woman to woman. The hood isn’t “normal” but more a range of looks.

who is a candidate for Clitoral Hood Reduction?

The goal of reducing the hood’s clitoris is to improve the appearance of the skin that covers the clitoris. Although it’s important for protecting the clitoris from injury, the hood could pose issues during sexual encounters.

The ideal people to undergo this treatment are females who feel less sensation because of the excess skin in the hood of the clitoral. Skin that is not properly trimmed can hinder retractions during intercourse, which results in insufficient stimulation as well as a lack of ability to achieve attain climax.

Women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of the clitoral hood could get this treatment too. A lot of women opt to combine the reduction of the hood clitoral with a Labiaplasty in Miami that concentrates on the shape and size of the vaginal lip. Because the clitoral hood can be seen as an extension of the labia majora, surgeons can enhance the overall appearance of the vulva by using the use of these two procedures.

Females of any age may benefit from clitoral reduction surgery.

This is the Clitoral Hood Reduction Method

The reduction of the hood of the clavicle is delicate but fairly simple. But knowing what you can expect will assist you in understanding the details of this procedure involves.

1. Prior to the procedure

The process of removing the Hood starts with an in-depth consultation. The reduction of the hood is a cosmetic gynecological procedure. The way your surgeon performs the procedure is dependent on your individual wants and needs.

During your consultation, you will be able to talk with your surgeon regarding concerns you’d like to resolve. After that, you’ll be examined for your clitoral hood, which is part of the overall balance between the clitoral and vulvar, and formulate an action plan. Different options will be discussed and discussed to reach your desired appearance.

Prior to your scheduled date for surgery the before your scheduled operation date, Dr. Sophie will provide specific instructions regarding post-operative and prior treatment. They typically include medication as well as restrictions on activities and following-up.

2. During the Procedural

The reduction of the hood of the clavicle is an outpatient procedure performed with a local anesthetic. Each case is unique, and the time required for the procedure will be determined by the amount of correction needed.

In the majority of instances, the procedure takes less than one hour to finish. The time for surgery can be longer if you combine the Hoodectomy with the Labiaplasty.

Local anesthesia is typically adequate for women in the majority of cases. Therefore, the dangers of unintentional negative effects associated with general anesthesia are minimal.

After you are numb and relaxed the surgeon will make horizontal incisions to change the size and shape that the tissues will take. Techniques vary according to the desired aesthetics. After removing enough tissue, surgeons seal the wound using dissolvable sutures. They then place bandages to heal.

3. Recovery

The immediate recovery after clitoral hood reduction surgery is typically just a couple of days. Make sure to stay away from things that put pressure on and irritation to the surgical region. At this point, you should reduce routine activities to aid in healing and minimize the chance of developing complications. Relax and stay away from physical stress.

Dr. Sophie will provide detailed instructions for post-operative care, which will go to wound care and general treatment. Instructions will cover cleaning, medication as well as what is normal and what is not normally expected. A moderate amount of discomfort is normal. Dr. Sophie is available for any issues you may be experiencing after surgery.

The full recovery can take six weeks. Avoid contact with your body for at least one month. At the four-to-six-week date, you should begin to observe the end result of the treatment.

If you’re looking to learn more about the clitoral hood removal procedure, contact the office of Dr. Sophie a phone call. As a urogynecologist for over 20 years, Dr. Sophie has the expertise in performing this procedure as well as various other cosmetic and functional vaginal procedures like labiaplasty, hymenoplasty, and perineoplasty. We’ll be more than eager to address your concerns and provide treatment options that satisfy your requirements