Using and Cleaning Soda Siphons

Some people buy soda siphons without even studying first how to use or clean them. They just know that they need to buy this device for their soda-making projects, but they only try to figure out its usage and maintenance once they already have the tool in their hands. But, even if the product comes with an instructional manual, it is still better to study about it prior to buying it so that you know if it is user friendly for you or if you can manage its maintenance requirements. Below are some pieces of information on this particular subject.

Using it for the first time

It does not matter whether you bought a brand new or secondhand soda siphon or soda charger. You always need to rinse out the soda siphon with warm water before using it for the first time. Of course, it is always recommended that you rely on the brand new product so you don’t have to worry about poor quality. Secondhand soda siphons may already be worn out inside without you knowing about it and it would only take you a few uses before you find out about the defect of the device so you had better stick with brand new.


Press the lever of the siphon to ensure that it is empty and that there is no gas pressure inside. Then, work to unscrew the top part to take out the tube. See to it that the plastic sleeve stays intact in the soda siphon body, as this provides air space necessary for the normal functioning of the device. After that, fill it up to the top with cold water. Add a soda table or bicarbonate into the water. Put back the siphon tube. Screw the head back firmly onto the top part of the siphon.


Put the bulb into the bulb holder. Make sure that bulb neck is facing towards the open end part of the holder. Lift up the cover on the head to expose the charging thread and screw the holder until you feel it’s tight. The bulb should be correctly aligned to the holder. Shake the siphon for 15 seconds. This allows the gas to be dissolved in the water.


Before cleaning the siphon, make sure that it is completely empty. To do that, depress the lever before you remove the siphon head. Take out the plastic sleeve from the siphon. Rinse out the device with water.

Practical Tips

It is always best to use cold water. The colder the water is, the better.

It’s all right to put the soda siphon in the refrigerator after filling and charging.

To make the sparkle last longer, press the lever gently. This allows control of the flow of the soda to the glass’s bottom part.

Buy your soda siphon and soda chargers online. They’re much cheaper. Just see to it that you are able to find a good and reputable online store that sells high quality soda siphon and chargers for a reasonable price.