Top 3 Considerations For A Smile Prep And Makeover Before A Special Occasion

Your smile speaks a lot about you. It does reflect on your overall oral health and hygiene maintenance. However, it also reflects on your personality and you come off as a more confident person. However, it does take some diligence to counter the years of demand that you put on your pearly whites. You drink coffees and cola persistently. You do not take a disciplined routine of brushing and flossing seriously. Finally, the effect on your teeth might also be a direct result of your age. However, the progress in dental technology now gives you eminent solutions to help prep and plan for a complete smile renovation. This is especially important before special events or some specific occasions that are much too important for you.

OTC Vs Professional Teeth whitening

Over the counter teeth whitening products are teeming in the market now. You have them in many forms. There are teeth whitening strips, teeth moulds with special peroxide gel, and even teeth whitening toothpaste that have a gentler action. However, when in a time pinch, it is better to go in for a professional whitening session. You can also prep much before your special event by scheduling for multiple whitening sessions. These sessions include a whitening agent in stronger concentrations. Also, your dentist will prepare a customized mould for your teeth, which will make sure that the bleaching product does not damage your gum or cause teeth sensitivity.

Cosmetic smile renovation procedures

With age, the condition of your teeth can show minute damages. The extent of these damages depends on the overall discipline and oral health maintenance that you practice. However, before a special event you can schedule a complete smile renovation with your dentist. This will include customized treatments. You can get old filling replaced with newer composite fillings. You can get your improper bite straightened out. Crooked and chipped teeth can be corrected with accelerated orthodontics and bonding treatments. If you are looking for a complete smile overhaul with porcelain veneers or lumineers, you should start at least six to eight months before your special day.

This also includes a consideration for your dentist’s schedule and your dental lab’s availability. You must also discuss the overall budget with your dentist to make sure that you sustain the treatment throughout the period. This strategy can help completely renovate the color and shape of your teeth. You should be completely upfront about your goals for your smile and ask for a customized treatment plan that you are comfortable with.

Fake up with make up

Lastly, if you do not have the time to devote to a smile renovation, at least before the D-day, you should consider some makeup tricks to fake a whiter smile. Invest in some light buffing and polishing of your teeth prior to the day. Do not wear any lipsticks or stains in the brown tones. They bring out the yellow shades in your teeth. Wearing lipsticks with a blue undertone will enhance the white of your teeth. Also, a superficial tan or a darker makeup base can also help in making your teeth appear whiter.