Together We Can Make a Difference, We Can Save the Planet

One planet, one home, the only chance.

Long ago, the planet was so beautiful, peaceful and majestic. Air was clean, edibles were pure and weather was so mild. People were healthy and strong. They rarely got ill. The facts clearly show that they were very contented and happy too.

Then the human race had started. All the things start vanishing just like the smoke dispersing in air. From a heaven, the planet starts turning to a hell. Pure things become contaminated and this situation keeps on becoming worse and worse. In race of becoming more and more advanced, we forget that the planet which is our only home has no alternate.

We people are well aware of today’s situation. Global warming has become a global warning. Oceans are dying and severe weather conditions are happening frequently. Climate is changing rapidly. Planet is polluting to a great extent affecting living creatures badly. In current situation, an individual couldn’t make a difference. But together we can surely save the planet. We can start taking actions right now, from our homes.

There are a number of ways by which we can control the pollution. The simplest way is conserving water. Water conservation is very important for health of our planet. There are very simple actions by which we can start conserving water right now like turn water off while brushing your teeth and washing clothes and dishes. Use less water for watering your lawn. Fix all the water leaks and replace old toilets with new.

The second most important thing is that we should use less and less chemicals like detergents, soaps, shampoos, pesticides, herbicides and other household cleaning items. After cleaning your homes, cars and bodies with chemicals, these toxic chemicals absorb in soil and end up in water causing water pollution.

One of the most important things to do is that we should dispose our waste the right way. Instead of disposing it in water our somewhere else, contact your local sanitation department and find the right place to dispose your waste. The waste contains oil, paint and a number of chemicals which are the biggest causes of air and water pollution.

Most of us know that coal and natural gas are the biggest producers of electricity in the world. Burning of coal and natural gases are the biggest causes of air pollution. We people can control this air pollution by using less and less electricity. Shut off your electrical equipment when not in use. Moreover, now a days we can use solar power for home which are environmental friendly as well as economical.

Deforestation has become a big issue of the times. Instead of planting more trees we are cutting them for building our homes and industries. We are ignoring the fact that they are the natural air conditioners and purifiers. So, don’t cut them and plant more trees.

By taking into consideration the very simple and easy ways, we can save our home, we can save our planet.