Three Reasons to Get False Teeth

For those who have damaged, decaying, or missing incisors, molars, or canines, false teeth (also known as dentures) can be a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution. Learn more about reasons to get dentures and the types available on the market today.

Reasons To Invest In False Teeth

Damaged or missing incisors or molars can both impair the mouth’s proper functionality and hamper an individual’s confidence. With dentures, tooth damage becomes manageable and virtually invisible. Dentures are realistic-looking, fully functional and made of plastic, metal, or nylon. They fit directly over the gums to replace missing or damaged incisors, molars, and canines and fix problems caused by gaps. Dentures are an excellent option to consider for individuals suffering from the following ailments:

1. Missing Tooth: A single missing tooth can cause major problems, including the shifting of an adjacent tooth in the mouth. With partial dentures, an artificial replacement is used as a placeholder for a missing tooth, preventing any further movement.

2. Several Missing Teeth: For those missing gaps in their upper or lower jaw, partial dentures can help restore a normal bite and radiant smile.

3. Severe Tooth Decay: Due to improper care or medical issues, many people have decayed or damaged teeth that are beyond saving. For those with severe decay, extractions and subsequent partial or full dentures may be the most effective solution to restoring a proper bite and smile.

False Teeth Options

Depending on the extent of damage, full or partial dentures may be needed. Below are several denture options.

1. Immediate Dentures: If emergency dental services are required after an accident or due to infection, a dental professional may be forced to extract a tooth. After extraction, a temporary set or full immediate denture may be affixed to serve as a placeholder until the gums heal enough to support a permanent denture.

2. Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are designed to replace one or more missing sets (either the upper or lower, or both). Metal partial dentures provide the best combination of strength, aesthetics, and durability.

3. Full Dentures: Full dentures are the most practical choice for those who are missing all or nearly all of their teeth. Many denture providers offer “deluxe” denture sets available for an extra cost.

Considering False Teeth? Schedule An Appointment With A Denture Provider

To get in-depth information about denture options and pricing, it is advisable to meet with a local denture provider. There, a professional will be able to provide detailed answers about false teeth questions and concerns.