The Hidden Meaning Behind Different Types of Laughter

Laughter does not only signify humor, but it is an expression that strengthens one’s silent communication. We use this expression quite frequently in our lives. Whether, it is giggles, guffaws, chuckles or cackles, it turns out that human laugh at some of the strangest things. If laughter has such an importance in our lives, then everything needs to be perfect. No one can bear showing off imperfect teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can help you there. Besides, the invisalign is an ideal alternative to braces and with that you would not have to shy away from laughing again. It is true that most of the times our giggling is related to some joke or humor, but there are some other situations as well that gets us smiling.

Etiquette laughter

People make use of etiquette laughter to get along with others. Sometimes, you might have noticed that we tend to laugh at things that just are not funny. At times, you may feel that you sound like a fool but you did just fine to get along. This type of laughter is commonly observed as a response of the employee to his boss’s uninteresting tale.

Nervous Laughter

The nervous laughter props up on our face when we have to project dignity and control. For instance, it is observed during professional meetings, presentations or some funeral. These are the situations in which the uncontrollable nervous laughter can strike. It basically shows our stress and anxiety, and further increases the awkwardness of the situation.

Pigeon Laughter

This type of giggling results when you are trying to hide your giggles. So in this case you laugh without opening your mouth. The lips are sealed shut, but your laughter generates a humming sound. It is mainly this sound that resembles the humming of a pigeon. This type of laughing is often practiced in laughter therapy or yoga in order to relieve your stress or pain.

Silent Laughter

Although a simple smile is considered a silent laughter, it still has all the benefits of laughing out loud. It requires the same deep breathing that comes from the belly. The only difference is that the sound in this case is reduced to minimum. It is also called the joker’s laughter that requires a little bit of practice.

Belly Laughter

When it comes to belly laughter, you can consider it as the most honest form among the rest. It breaks out naturally when we find something truly hilarious. It could be a joke or situation that can leave us rolling on the floor, clutching our belly and gasping for air. However, different people have different ways for expressing out loud. For instance, men are more likely to give a grunt or snort on something really funny whereas women let loose with heavy giggles.

These were some types of laughter that we use to communicate our expressions. The hidden meaning is basically the expression that we pull out in the form of laughter. Anything that tickles your funny bone is of great value as it helps to fight different types of illnesses or at least gives the courage to face them. It is the courage at the end of the day that leads to the cure.