The Dilemma to Choose Between Online Dental Store and Local Dental Suppliers

The Surge of Online Dental Stores:-

You might have noticed the rise in the e-commerce of periodontal probes. Have you ever thought of, why there has been such a tremendous change in India? Don’t worry we will tell you the reason.

India has the population of 1 billion consumers which attracts all types of companies including prosthodontal enterprises too. Considering the enormous population, the increasing health awareness in India is also contributing to the consumption of these materials. People from rich to poor are becoming more and more health cautious to live a healthy and a better life

In India today we are having approximately 1, 80, 000 registered amongst which only 80,000 are actually practicing as a dentist. Overall if we take in account the market size, the equipments and products required for all types of endodontic procedures are approximately 13, 000 Cores with a 20% growth rate of the market. Our country has one of the diversely growing periodontal markets.

In the recent interview with a known face in the dentistry world of our nation, Dr. Ratnadeep Patil stated that India is one of the fastest growing dentistry markets.

What is the Role of Automation in Periodontal World? How did Automation Evolve?
The automated solution has been there in India for last 10-15 years but in last 5 years, there has been a different outlook on the trend in a positive aspect obviously. There has been a positive approach for CAD(Computer-aided design).

For example:- recently when one of my knowns went for the treatment of cavities, I was scared since I was known to the traditional ways of resolving it and they were really painful but afterwards when I asked him about his experience he was quite excited to tell me, thereafter I frequently asked him, did it pain? The Reply was no, because of the automated solution the level of pain which we used to suffer before has definitely reduced. I was quite surprised to know that the dentistry world has changed so much in the recent years.

Also with the introduction of this in the dental world, the prosthetics can be designed for the missing portion of the teethes or jaws. This has really helped the patients who would otherwise struggle to receive such care.

The Future of Dental Practitioners in the Coming Years:-

Before moving on to the future, it is important for us to recall the past and look at the present dentistry world. We do not say that all the dental practitioners are successful; the number of failures is also good and is increasing also by far. But for them the Prosthodontical Equipments, have been an incredible part in the success of their profession.

Dentistry here is recently developed so the demand of the endodontic related products is on high which relevantly results in the search at on-line as well as local level.

Why are Dentists Preferring Online Shopping for Products and Equipments?

Dentists have been fast in adopting online shopping as a preferred method for buying prosthodontal supplies. There are many reasons for the preference such as:-

The on-line suppliers have started sending sale representatives to the offices.
The newest technology first launches here before approaching the local vendors.
In our recent research we approached a medical endodontic practitioner raising the same question as mentioned above he shared his experience with us which I would like to share with you:

He shared with us, once he wanted to purchase simple products like mirrors and disinfectant wipes, he didn’t want to pay the high charges which the local distributor has might charged from him, so he started looking on browser for the same, what he concluded from his experience was, he found the same brands were available at far more affordable prices from small online vendors.

This experience shared by him to us was enough to consummate why the online dental world is rising at its peak.

Benefits of the On-line Shop in Prosthodontal World
You might be thinking that I am instigating you to buy via an on-line site but I am just talking about some practical points here. I will state you why do I have a positive outlook for these sites by stating the benefits:

A Wide Range of Products
They provide all the specified products of major brands under one roof. For example, suppose you are looking for burs, a good portal will provide all the major brands to choose from.

Higher Discounts
One of the major benefits of all the networked sites is that they provide many attractive offers. Let me share few of the discounts whichever I myself have assessed over these sites:
• 10-30% off on MRP sometimes even more than that.
• Buy 1 get 1 offers.
• EMI offers.

The Comfort of Ordering
It is the most selling point of all the networked portals the convenience and the comfort they offer is incomparable with the local vendors. A practitioner can browse anywhere anytime without calling the supplier or the visiting their depot.
“Buying from e-commerce site is a comfortable experience what you need is a fast internet”

Ease of Payment
Because of the increasing technology the process of payment has become very easy. With a variety of modes of payment and gateway, it is very secure.

Increase in the Competition and Level of Customer Services
There has been a tremendous rise in the online stores and for the reputation of their name they are providing the best customer services so far. They respond to all the queries via mail, telephone, and social media. They have realized that poor response will result in creating a negative impact.

How to Differentiate Good Store from an Average Store
As a paying customer, you must know how to differentiate a good store from an average store. So in this paradigm, we will be sharing you our assessment based on certain points to help you I making the choice. Following are the 7 points that will help you:-

Ease of Use:- Simplicity has been a significant mark for the good design of a website. Approx 76% of the customers agree on the fact, ease of use of the website attracts them the most. The point is further implemented by the following key points:
(a) Creating shopping categories
(b) Adding filters
(c) Incorporating capabilities

Site Speed: It is an indicator of an easy to use website which effectively diverts traffic on its site.

Mobile Friendly: People spend more time on mobile as compared to other options available the website owners should keep this in mind and in order to serve their customers better their site should be mobile friendly.

Specified High-Resolution Photo and Video: Though most of us need to physically touch the items rather than just seeing them, so the high-resolution photo and videos play a significant role in attracting more and more traffic.

Security Feature: The e-commerce site has been the prime target for the cybercriminals in the recent years who can steal customers’ information keeping this in mind they must offer two-way authentication and firewall.

Customer Support: it has been a great look for the customers shopping 0n-line. So whenever purchasing from them one should always consider the type of customer services they provide.

Clear Set of Policies: one should always see, the company has cleared all its policies and you should also agree to the policies.
Set of policies include FAQ, return and exchange policies, privacy policy, shipping charge, an option, and more if required.

Also a specific strategical and logistical support should be proc=vided for professional practices.

One of the Top Stores in Dentistry Supply Profession:-

Now you might be searching for one of the best stores for you, right?
Don’t worry we have assessed a lot, and according to our assessment, we found that presently Agkem Dental is proving to be one of the best periodontal importers and suppliers by providing great discounts to the customers they are becoming viral amongst the oral professionals as well as the suppliers. You must visit their portal once and experience their great features.