The Benefits Of Wearing Invisalign

Developed by Align Technology, Invisalign is used by close to 2 million people the world over. It is a teeth straightening aligner made out of clear soft medical grade plastic material.

For those with active lifestyles, there couldn’t be a better and safer option. With braces, any forceful contact with your mouth, whether mild or aggressive can cause serious tears to your inner lips and cheeks. Invisalign is made from safe material that can hardly bruise the skin on the inside of the mouth.

So what are the benefits of using these clear aligners?


Like their name suggests, these braces are clear and nearly undetectable. Only the very keen eye will notice. Otherwise, you can have the confidence to smile without revealing that you are seeking to straighten your teeth.


You can remove them while eating or brushing teeth, but only for a short while, to maximize the effectiveness of the straightening teeth.


There are different sets of aligners for each age group. Children, adolescents and adults wear different type of aligners. Again, at each stage of teeth straightening, there are different sets to be worn by each group. For children and adolescents whose teeth are still growing and new ones developing, their aligners are made with special spaces to accommodate the changes.


The fact that your treatment is charted and projected using special software increases its precision. A three dimensional impression of your teeth is generated from x rays. After this, the software predicts how much your teeth will be moved by the aligner over time. With this, specific aligners are generated for each stage.


There are no wires that could potentially tear your skin or that get in the way of eating, brushing and flossing properly. There is also less pressure and pain when the jaws are being pulled to stay in certain positions.

Short Treatment Time

When worn and left in as recommended by your orthodontist, the standard treatment time is a year. On average, they should be worn for 20 hours in a day, for two weeks before replacement.

Invisalign happens to be one of the best treatment method for bite problems. The reason is its method of working. For every set, only certain teeth are pulled into position, instead of the entire jaw set. Overbite for example, can be effectively treated in a short while when the protruded teeth are the points of focus for a while.

One major difference between Invisalign for adults and Teens is that the latter is marked for compliance. It allows the dentist to monitor the duration of wear and adjust his treatment plan for the patient. The best thing is that even Invisalign for Teens can be used on adults with special problems.

Invisalign Australia reports that the average cost of treatment suing Invisalign is an average of 7000 Australian Dollars. You could confirm with your insurance company whether this is included in your dental cover scheme. Whichever way, the benefits are worth investing in these discrete yet effective aligners.