Ten S’s of Thailand

Thailand has earned its unsurpassed admiration for the rich assortment of attractions but the ongoing development of the country’s tourism industry indicates that there are still more waiting you to explore. From the abundance of settings and activities, the country is spotting novel destinations and promoting niche markets which afford special interests and requirements to travelers seeking memorable holidays. Our cover story will unveil to you remarkable things in this breathtaking country under the title “Ten S’s of Thailand.”


Thailand boasts an affluence of diversity with the legendary Thai smile which is amongst the authentic delights of unearthing Thailand. One of the key reasons why a plethora of tourists return to the country year after year is because Thai people are so friendly and ready to break a smile on every occasion, thereby leaving Thailand to be dubbed the “Land of Smiles”. So as to serve this world-renowned slogan, the country has been developed into the cosmetic dentistry hub for beautification. Numerous aesthetic dental clinics are now blossoming drastically. They offer an innovative sort of dental services which has impressed the world.


The word sabai means comfortable and at ease in Thai. Whilst here you can extremely feel sabai as the nation comes with a vast selection of luxury serviced apartments, hotels, resorts and other genres of accommodations to choose from with excellent value for money. Tourists can relax, laze and lounge or they can luxuriate in the comfort of facilities and amenities provided. Whether it is for your getaways, vacations or any important occasions, the accommodations of all kinds present a stay in style for every taste and budget. They feature heavenly locations, international standards, peerless services and unrivaled local hospitality.


Journeying in Thailand has been quite eye-opening granting a true sense of fun or sanook in Thai. A land of tropical beaches, luxuriant mountains and amazing rivers, Thailand is beyond doubt an oasis in the hectic world. This lovely country is also blessed with natural wonders that make it an ideal base for ecotourism where visitors can have an experience with memories to last a lifetime. With this relaxing offer, visitors will enjoy an extraordinary chance to appreciate natural beauty and savor such exhilarating activities as nature study, bicycle tour, elephant safari, trekking, wildlife viewing and whitewater rafting, to mention just a few.


Thai food has a unique taste and flavor that makes the country the “Kitchen of the World”. It is especially hot and spicy. Most of Thai food is prepared with indispensable ingredients including chili, garlic, lemongrass, fresh coriander leaf, limejuice, fish sauce and shrimp paste. Besides providing a sizzling and exotic aroma, Thai food that contains chiefly herbs and spices also exerts medicinal and curative properties. With their low-fat qualities, they help make Thai food one of the healthiest anywhere. One of the signature Thai dishes is the spicy shrimp soup tom yum goong. Those who have nibbled Thai food will long for it again and again.


This scenic country is conceived as the “Spa Capital of the World”, where traditional therapy is ingeniously upheld as an alternative way to eliminate pains, toxins and harmful elements from the body. Spa has been a leading-edge therapeutic trend. Going hand in hand with tourism boom, it is presently flourishing in eminent tourist destinations. Spa confers a complete choice of treatments for a profound state of relaxation as well as physical and spiritual rejuvenation. These include general body scrubs, facial treatments, foot reflexology and traditional Thai massage, one of the world’s oldest healing methods with substantial health benefits.


Amongst the most mesmerizing attributes of golfing in Thailand is a multiplicity of locations and surroundings in which the courses are located, making the country the “Golf Capital of Asia”. There are many championship standard courses in Bangkok and around the nation all fitted with top-notch facilities, terrific signature holes and perfect maintenance to keep them international standards, enabling you to enjoy your swing all year round. Every course has its well-trained caddies and it is compulsory to employ one caddie for your round. Most of the new courses have fine accommodations on site plus leisure activities for the family.


Silk from Thailand has been popular around the globe. It has accentuated the fabric’s stoic elegance. Silk is a natural filament made from the salivary glands of silkworms, a type of moth that feeds on the mulberry plants. Since a single filament is too thin to use alone, several threads are mingled to create a thicker and more durable fiber. Thai silk is different in colors from light gold to very light green. Good caliber Thai silk is woven on handlooms. The warp and weft are not of the same color, making Thai silk so exceptional in terms of color tones and blends. Wherever you buy it from, Thai silk is always a lasting keepsake and treasure.


Dwelling in Thailand is utterly safe and sound. The quality of life of the Thai people and travelers is now escalating to a gratifying level. Through the decisive administration of the Thai government, travelers can relish their vacations in the country more safely and securely. Targeting to endorse Thailand as a world-class destination, the government has strong willpower to tackle with all detrimental problems that may affect the tourism industry and to proffer budget tour packages to all types of travelers. Therefore, travelers are reassured that whilst here they can immerse in their pleasure to the fullest yet feel protected and secure.


The Land of Smiles is a shopping paradise where dedicated shoppers can buy a wide variety of high quality products and services with special discounts. A unique shopping opportunity awaits visitors to bargain and purchase handicrafts, textiles, gems, jewelry, antiques and more contemporary wares. Shopping in Thailand can be marveled from high-end shopping complexes and department stores to bustling markets and high streets. In Bangkok, the famous shopping streets are strategically situated along MBK-Siam Discovery Center to Ratchaprasong Intersection as well as along Sukhumvit Road to Emporium Shopping Arcade.

Sea, Sand & Sun

A sanctuary for sea, sand and sun lovers, Thailand prides itself on a number of the world’s most beautiful beaches and islands with pristine white sands, crystal clear waters and spectacular coral reefs. There are various things along the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea to suit your preferences. Fabulous beaches and incomparable marine environments have enticed a multitude of holidaymakers from around the world. They can pamper in superb accommodations, beachside bars and restaurants as well as an endless option of recreational activities like Phuket yachting, Andaman Sea diving, sailing, sunbathing and much more.