Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Causes and Treatments

A lot of people suffer from teeth grinding. The number of reasons vary a lot, from deficiencies to pinworms. You probably don’t even realize it when you do it, unless other people tell you. Below are the causes that are most common:

o Stress can cause teeth grinding, when it’s caused by a lack of pantothenic acid or calcium. Kids are those that usually suffer from a deficiency of calcium. It can be cured by pills, but if you have a lack of pantothenic acid the intervention is more complex. Another cause of teeth grinding can be a lack of magnesium, which also manifests in adults.

o Teeth grinding can also be caused by pinworms, which happens quite a bit in countries that have water that isn’t up to standards. You can find out if you have pinworms by taking a stool test. If you do have them, they’re very easy to treat and get rid of. A lot of doctors will do this test first, before proceeding.

o Psychology can also play a part in teeth grinding. If you have problems like suppressed anger, they can cause teeth grinding. It also happens a lot for kids, who can’t accept the environment that they’re in. In the case of adults, it can happen when they go through traumas that are prolonged. A more difficult diagnosis is the one that involves a nerve disorder.

o A filling that isn’t done right or weak teeth can also provoke teeth grinding. It only happens to people that had procedures done on their teeth recently, and it’s a problem that is temporary.

If the teeth grinding continues for a long time, you should go to a doctor to see what the problem is. Teeth grinding can also loosen up the teeth and the jaw in the long term. It can even provoke mental unrest.

If the problem that causes teeth grinding isn’t of a psychological nature, caused by a disease or a disorder of the nervous system, then maybe one of the tips listed below can help you with the teeth grinding issue. Remember, you should try getting rid of it, as it can have an impact on the long run. You can protect the enamel on your teeth as well, if you take care of the teeth grinding problem.

1) Be less stressed. I know, it’s easy for me to say it to you, but taking some time off to relax and get rid of all the stress can help you a lot. Reducing anxiety will make sure that you get rid of teeth grinding if that is the problem behind it. This advice will not do wonders overnight, but it can help you in time, both with your teeth and your blood pressure.

2) Try using a posture which keeps the lower and upper teeth a bit apart. Don’t laugh, it can really help you. You can still stay with the lips closed while you’re doing this. This method is not intrusive at all and it can help you with the teeth grinding problem.

3) If the teeth grinding problems are acute, one option would be to use a restrainer in your mouth, keeping the teeth from grinding. It can get quite annoying, and it’s not comfortable, but in some cases it will be the only thing that will work.

4) Some mild form of physiotherapy can also help you in some cases. One option would be to put a compress that is warm on the jaw, so that the muscles are not so tight anymore. If the doctor prescribes it, you can also take a mild analgesic.

I hope the tips I presented above can help you with your teeth grinding problems. They’re not miracle workers though. It can take a bit of time getting them to work.