Review – "The Bad Breath Report" by Tommy Kavanagh

Tommy Kavanagh’s “Bad Breath Report” unlocks the key to a “fresh breath system” that truly works by telling readers to simply give their mouths “5 minutes a day using common household ingredients.” It certainly might sound too good to be true but Kavanagh claims that he has thoroughly researched the causes and effects of bad breath as well as hundreds of solutions. He has compiled the best of the best information to ensure that anyone willing to give the “5 minute a day” effort will have fresh breath for life! Alongside these A+ answers, Kavanagh gives readers bonus briefs about the highs and lows of dentistry today and news that affects are mouths every day, whether we know it or not.

Kavanagh begins his lesson by introducing the reader to exactly what bad breath, or in technical terms halitosis, really is. By explaining “in mouth” causes of halitosis, which he claims affects “80-90% of the general population,” he then carries on to effects; both inner and outer. Inner effects are the obvious; a smelly mouth, possible gum disease and tooth loose while outer effects are less thought of but just as apparent and include non-social behaviors, loss of sex life and possible depression. After thoroughly explaining these causes and effects, Kavanagh provides what all bad breath victims need – an uncomplicated solution!

The book’s “Knockout Punch” protocol tells readers exactly how to rid themselves of bad breath for good with a solution so simple, that most won’t believe it was right under their noses the whole time! By making easy lifestyle changes like drinking more water and stopping usage of oral hygiene products (yes that includes mouthwashes!), users will “cut the severity of a bad breath problem by as much as 50%.” Investing in a tongue scrapper is the next step, followed by the use of the common household product hydrogen peroxide. Kavanagh provides two fantastic mouth rinse and mouth paste recipes that will not only shine up your smile but will bring your gums back to a healthy pink color, eliminate the white bacterial coating on your tongue and can almost guarantee no more mouth diseases or problems. The “Knockout Punch” surrounds itself with the phrase “change the environment in your mouth from one that supports the growth of VSC-producing bacteria (the bad guy) to one that will not.” This simply fresh breath system, that takes no more than 5 minutes daily, does just that.

Next, the breath guru proceeds to answer any questions that have arisen from “The Bad Breath Report” in an easy to follow FAQ format. Is it safe for dentures? Can I still chew gum? How long does it take to get rid of my tongue discoloration? Does this actually work? Kavanagh answers all of these questions and more, stating that in order to maintain fresh breath, you must sustain the methods for life. It isn’t a once and done thing but an all the time thing that must be incorporated into one’s lifestyle. Once you have made the decision to proceed and use the “fresh breath system” your tongue will lose its whitish discoloration, your teeth will become pearly white and your breath will smell like roses; well maybe not quite roses but close to it!

As if the “fresh breath system” weren’t enough, Kavanagh continues to fill readers with useful knowledge that will keep them abreast of changes in the world of dentistry and the human mouth cavity. He fills us in on the natural way to fill cavities, how to reverse gum disease, the magical powers of the common product honey, how to use ice to kill toothaches and new fangled ideas such as the use of light to kill bacteria.

Kavanagh also unravels the mystery surrounding fluoride; somewhat of a conspiracy that the government has hidden from the public for ages to spare themselves from humiliation and lawsuits galore. Through an exclusive interview with Michael Connett, the project director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), Kavanagh and Connett reveal the damaging secrets of the super agent fluoride. The twosome go through the reasons why ingesting fluoride through our public drinking water systems won’t help your teeth, how highly contaminated the fluoride that is added to our drinking water can be, how Europe has ceased putting fluoride in drinking water and have experienced “no rise in tooth decay whatsoever,” the role of fluoride in the development of atomic bombs (shocking but true!), the links between Alzheimer’s disease and fluoride that have been completely ignored by government agencies and the real reasons why the government simply won’t put an end to this madness. Lucky for us Kavanagh gives readers ways to avoid potentially harmful fluoride and keeps us abreast of FAN’s latest fight against fluoride.

Although Kavanagh’s ending was a bit brief when he closes with a simple “and so it goes,” the report truly speaks for itself. By filling us in on the ins and outs of the workings of the mouth, new dentistry technology and easy clean mouth solutions, readers go from 0 to 100 in knowledge power within minutes. It has certainly changed my views on my mouth and having actually tried some of the suggestions, I know that Tommy Kavanagh and his “Bad Breath Report” are right on the money. This is a must read for anyone who wants a clean, healthy mouth for life!