My Teeth Are Yellow! What Can I Do?

Discoloration or yellowing of the teeth is a very common condition, especially for people in their 40’s and 50’s. There are number of causes. Tobacco, wine, coffee, tea and other substances used over the years can cause staining and yellowing. Excessive fluoride, especially ingested during the early years of one’s life, can discolor tooth enamel. Some foods such as carrots, cola drinks, oranges, and a myriad of other dark colored foods and drinks can cause discoloration. Fruits, vinegar, and other foods that are acidic, when ingested over a long period of time, erode tooth enamel, giving the teeth a yellow or discolored appearance.

Regardless of the reason, discoloration of the teeth is a condition that can cause embarrassment. In some of the worst cases, it causes a lack of self confidence as well. It can be argued that little else radiates more confidence than a full bright smile. If you feel that your smile does not measure up, take heart! The field of cosmetic dentistry has grown and expanded over the years. Dentists now offer a wide variety of solutions to reverse teeth yellowing and staining.

If you have this condition, there are a number of options available to you. The options include gels that can be applied to the teeth while at the dentist office. These peroxide gel applications are not inexpensive. You can expect to pay $650 an application session, on average. Sometimes, the desired result can be achieved in one session, but may require more than one visit. Home kits that use a lower concentration of peroxide are also available through most dentists. These are less expensive, but must be applied more frequently and for a longer period of time to achieve the desired results. The kits run between $100 and $400.

Laser whitening is new technique that is fast and effective. The procedure is performed by a dentist trained in cosmetic dentistry and involves the application of a special gel on the teeth prior to treatment. The laser light activates the gel which penetrates the enamel of the tooth and turns it white. Although you can expect to pay $1000 or more for the procedure, you can achieve a gleaming white smile in one sitting.

To determine the best teeth whitening solution for your situation, set up a consultation with a dentist that offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. He can explain each option to you in detail and will help you to ensure that the treatment plan meets your specific needs, goals, and budget.