Invisalign Offers New Tooth-Straightening Options

Men and women across American seek orthodontic consultations and procedures each year. The only problem is that a significant number of those adults believe it would be too expensive to finally straighten their teeth. And many of those same men and women believe that the option of braces is only acceptable for children, never for adults. But, those who are looking for their ideal smile for either personal reasons or professional confidence, Invisalign offers affordable braces covered by most insurance and financing opportunities. It also offers one of a kind, virtually undetectable treatment for teens through adults.

Invisalign, the clear brace option, continues to improve the products that are already more comfortable, distinct, and appealing to wear than traditional braces by far, for any age.

Teeth can also shift gradually as we age, and the movement can compound the feelings about ones teeth as it becomes increasingly difficult to continue your normal activities and lifestyle. When you are unable to close your lips naturally because of protruding teeth, or if you cover your mouth when you laugh or eat for fear of displaying that one feature you are not proud of, these braces are the decision for you. If you are constantly meeting new people and they have no idea of the condition of your teeth and you’d like to keep it that way, a smooth undetectable transition to straighter teeth is in your future.

Regardless of why you hide, it doesn’t have to continue. From teenagers to grandmothers, everyone deserves a straight smile they’d like to show off with the unique treatment of invisible technology that caters to you. From a mold of your current malocclusion, a computer program creates a system of trays to get you to straight teeth in the same time as metal alternatives, with a smooth transition. Continuous innovations now allow these plastic trays to be crafted to fit in order to slowly move each of your teeth month by month, under your local orthodontist’s monitoring and assistance.

The Invisalign difference is in their orthodontist and patient driven technology. The Align Technological Institute works with leading orthodontists to help create product features to meet a larger variety of aesthetic dental needs. From teens to the older adults there are still options available for your unique situation. Products ranging from Invisalign Full, Express, Teen, and Assist, you can be provided with custom fit technology and support for a full 6 to 18 months, depending upon the intricacies of crowding, rotation, or gaps of your teeth.

The Align Technological Institute’s knowledge and advancements have integrated accountability, comfort, durability, and alignment retention into each product to ensure your success. They understand that not all braces could claim to be comfortable but a remarkable 90 percent of Invisalign users would recommend the product and experience to anyone.