Introducing Cerec, Same Day Dental Crowns

What Is A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns or caps are necessary when too much tooth structure is lost for a normal filling to be strong enough to hold under the pressure of the normal chewing process. The outside, enamel layer of the tooth is removed to allow space for a dental crown or cap to fit over top to regain tooth stability. If a tooth is fractured or following a root canal, your dentist might also recommend a dental crown or cap.

CAD-CAM Technology

Though CAD-CAM technology has been around for almost 30 years, it’s popularity has been growing exponentially as of late. It’s no wonder why it’s on the rage either. The Cerec CAD-CAM is an incredible machine that is able to mill out a new crown right in the office during your appointment. Check out some of the many benefits of this amazing technology!

Using traditional methods the tooth must be shaved down and fitted with a temporary plastic tooth while the permanent crown is created in a lab. With the new Cerec technology, after your dentist has prepared your tooth for a dental crown, digital impressions are taken of the remaining tooth structure and a CAD-CAM machine mills out the new tooth from ceramic or porcelain block using the Cerec software that is transmitted from a computer. One visit means you take less time off work, have only one injection for anesthesia, don’t have the discomfort of a temporary crown, skip the processes of prying off the temporary crown and save money with one visit instead of two.

You might think with all these benefits you could be sacrificing the quality of the restoration. Just the opposite may be true. The computer designed and manufactured crown is formed as an exact replica of your original tooth for a perfect fit. New ceramic blocks are now available with shade gradients and the ability to stain and polish to replicate the natural color variations in your teeth. They are also made out of a solid block of ceramic or porcelain without any metal for a more aesthetic look.

The Cerec is not just for crowns. It also can be used to create an inlay to replace larger fillings. Using this technology more tooth structure can be saved and because the filling is milled out of a solid block, it is stronger than composite material that is packed in layers.

Not only is the Cerec able to create an exceptional restoration and save you time and money, but it is also fun. Watch you new tooth rapidly and precisely carved right before your eyes!