Good Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Dentist’s Bill

It is important to remember the annual dental check, otherwise you may risk a very expensive bill in the end. There is usually no one who wants it and that is why you must remember it. One of the reasons, many do not go to their dental check, is the feared bill. But if you just remember the few good and easy tips, your dentist’s bill can remain the net amount of standard dental cleaning. Holes to be drilled or teeth that need some toothpaste prefer most to avoid, as there are problems like these that mostly cost a lot of money.

There are daily routines you can do to prevent getting the big bills from your dentist. Here are 4 tips that are easy to follow in your everyday life.

  1. First of all, it is very important to remember to brush your teeth twice a day. Both morning and evening. Toothbrushing in the morning is important because your mouth secretes a lot of bacteria when you sleep at night. In addition to this, the toothbrush is important because the toothpaste protects your teeth from the bacteria and sugars that attack your teeth during the day. The other toothbrush session should take place in the evening before you go to sleep. During the day you have taken a lot of foods that contain sugars that can be disastrous for your teeth. If you do not brush your teeth like the last before you go to sleep, you give the bacteria the best conditions to make permanent damage to your teeth.

  2. Even if you are careful with your brushing, it’s not always that your toothbrush gets it all. Many Danes have tight teeth that allow the bacteria to interfere and make naughty ravages as the toothbrush rarely can reach between. Therefore, a good tip is to use dental floss. The dental floss is exceptionally good at getting the bacteria the toothbrush can not remove away. It is best to use the dental floss in the evening as you have consumed food throughout the day.

  3. It is not news that sugar is bad for the teeth. That’s why it’s a good idea to cut down on this because sugar is like the devil for the teeth. It goes straight in and sits and is one of the main causes of gaps in the teeth. Furthermore, sugar is not generally known as a good source of nutrition for the body.

  4. In addition to reducing sugar intake, smoking is one of the very dangerous habits to grow if you want nice well-kept teeth. Smoking is most often in daily taking the most secreted to destroy our lungs. However, smoking is one of the biggest causes of yellow teeth and the feared dental disease paradoxicosis. The disease is referred to as an inflammatory condition in your gums that penetrates and destroys the tissue your teeth are stuck in. So if you are smoking and do not want to destroy your gums or lose your teeth, a smoking cessation would benefit you especially.

Fun facts to round this of with:

  • In Denmark we get our teeth fixed by a ” tandlæge “. The direct translation of tandlæge is tooth doctor.
  • Periodontosis can be spelled paradentose and paradontose.
  • But the single most obscure Danish words in detistry is tandkøb – literally tooth meat.