Glisten White – Glisten White Short Review

Hi I have decided to right a short a review on glisten white for people that are interested in buying a good product that helps you with discolored teeth.

I am a dental student and as part of a study in class each person had to use a different brand of teeth whitener over a period of 8 and evaluate the results to see which brand preformed the best. The product I was given to use for this study was glisten white.

Firstly I read up a bit of background information on the product from the website and read reviews to gain a bit of knowledge about it. The website was well laid out and easy to find information on what glisten white was and how it worked, there were also plenty of pictures that showed the effectiveness it had on your teeth as well as FAQs which further helped me with my study.

I ordered the basic package just because it was only for a trial and a study and didn’t want to pay a lot of money. I ordered from the glisten white website and they had an offer that came with a free 10% extra whitening kit. I placed my order late at night around 11 or so on a Monday and my order came on the Friday morning, I thought this was a reasonable enough time for a delivery.

When I received my order I wanted to get started right away on my study. I opened the package and followed the instruction manual carefully to make sure I did it correctly. I found the instructions simple and easy to follow step by step which was a good help.

I didn’t really know what to expect from glisten white because I had never really used any teeth whitening product in the past, although a few years ago my Mum went to dentist and got her teeth whitened and it cost her a fortune.

The instructions stated that glisten white could take between 5 and 14 days for any noticeable changes. I followed the instructions stated carefully and fairly for my study. I began to notice a bit of a change after 9 days of first using glisten white and I thought this was reasonable enough although they said it would instant on the website but i think that was a slight exaggeration.

I continued using the product for the duration of the study and after 8 weeks I was amazed with difference it had made to my teeth and smile. My teeth weren’t really bad to begin with. I looked after them enough so they stay healthy but I do drink a lot of coffee so my teeth were slightly yellow and discolored.

We went back to class and took pictures of our teeth after using the various teeth whitening product and compared them to pictures we took 8 weeks before we started the survey.

I was so surprised at the difference glisten white had made to my teeth, I didn’t really have high expectations when I started the survey so I was amazed and pleased at how well it worked.

Overall in our class survey we came to a conclusion that glisten white was the best product to use for teeth whitening and the best value for money. Glisten white was easy and simple to use and the time period we did this survey preformed the best.

It was better value for money because the website offered free postage and packaging and it was at a lowered discounted price and offered a free 10% extra whitening kit as well as other products on the website such as bigger package deals also offered discount and free products.

Glisten white worked really well, I was pleased as my teeth had never looked so good and healthy, my girlfriend also liked my new white smile and friends noticed it as well. I decided to place another of glisten white after the survey was over. I ordered the big package at £45 because it worked out better value in the long run as i was willing to use glisten white from now on and keep my teeth white.

The biggest package worked out that you were saving yourself £15 and also it came with 3 free 10% kits so i thought this was a good deal and went for it. The ordering was simple as it was before and I placed my order before 2pm like the website said to get my order of glisten white dispatched right away. Later that evening I received an email from the glisten white website saying that my order had been dispatched and a thank you for ordering with them. I was pleased with this level of customer service and the product and this is why i wanted to right a review.

I rate this product 10/10 fantastic and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good teeth whitener