Denture Wearers From Meth Mouth

When you think of denture wearers, typically you imagine mature men and women, possibly with graying hair and a few too many laugh lines. You wouldn’t imagine young adults who should be in the prime of their lives without their natural teeth.

That is however, exactly what’s happening today. With the rampant increase in illicit drug addiction in our youth, more and more are losing their teeth due to such drugs as Methamphetamine.

“Meth Mouth”. A term used to describe the mouth of a methamphetamine user due to the rapid tooth decay that often occurs with the use of this dangerous drug.

The acidic ingredients in this drug can include battery acid, lantern fuel, antifreeze, hydrochloric acid, drain cleaner, lye and over the counter cold medications containing ephedrine. But contrary to popular belief, it is not necessarily the chemicals used to make meth that cause tooth decay.

Methamphetamine users often become less and less concerned with their personal hygiene, including taking care of their teeth. Meth users generally crave sugary drinks, like soda when they are high and the lack of proper dental care is not a good mix. Also, the use of meth causes the production of saliva to slow down and it is saliva that acts as a buffer against acidic substances. There is also the clenching and grinding of teeth that often occurs while using meth.

Often times the damage to the teeth is so bad that the teeth cannot be saved and it is safe to say that many drugs users would not have the financial means to pay for veneers or implants leaving them no choice but to get dentures.

Although the elderly are still the most likely candidates for dentures, with the drug population growing at an excessive rate in young adults they will not be far behind their elders in the need for dentures.

If young adults find themselves in need of dentures there are other concerns to be worried about. Making sure you choose the right denture glue, denture cream, denture adhesives and denture strips is key to your health as well.

With the high rate of court cases from people suing the denture cream industry for zinc poisoning it is important to be cautious when choosing your denture glue. If you were or currently are a drug user your immune system is very likely compromised as it is and the absorption of zinc into your body could only cause more health problems.

The loss of your natural teeth would never be pleasant and the thought of a parent watching their young children need dentures before they did is even more so, but luckily there are zinc free denture creams or zinc free denture glue that people can choose from. As well as other denture care items such as a denture wearer’s mouth wash that can help maintain your dentures and healthy gums.