Dentists in Stamford CT Are Growing Concerned About the Lack of Adequate Dental Health Care Coverage

In today’s economic climate, it’s a shame that most entry-level health insurance plans don’t include comprehensive dental and vision coverage. Most health insurance companies want to maximize their profits, and they believe the most common way for them to achieve this goal is to limit the extent of coverage. Health insurance companies offer bare bone health insurance packages to low income and working class families promising adequate coverage, but that is rarely the case. The cheapest health insurance plans often have moderate premiums, but usually have a high deductible or co pay, and more often than not the more expensive medical treatments are not covered by these types of plans. Dental coverage is rarely covered under entry-level health insurance plans. Connecticut in particular is particularly susceptible to the rise in the uninsured. While the debate about health care reform rages on in Washington D.C., citizens are forced to fill with out health care. There is however some good news in that dentists in Stamford CT are banding together to try to lower costs in an attempt to make proper dental care available for all residents of Connecticut.

Historically speaking, Stamford is a wealth area, but that does not mean Stamford is without its fair share of low income and working class families. These families often try to limit their expense anyway they can, and too often that means making the choice to remain uninsured. The logic behind this reasoning is that scarce resources are best spent purchasing goods or services that can be of immediate use to the family. Long-term health risks are taken into account, but more immediate needs such as providing food and shelter for the family are deemed more important than health insurance. Dental insurance is usually the first to go. This has raised concern about the dental health of Americans in the medical profession. Dentists in Stamford CT are particularly concerned that treatable conditions will be left unchecked due to prohibitive health care costs. These conditions, when allowed to fester and deteriorate without the proper treatment, can result in more expensive and time consuming procedures down the road. Ultimately, corrective dental procedures prove to be more expensive than preventable care. Dentists in Stamford CT realized this, and immediately. Many respected dentists in Stamford CT volunteer at free community health clinics, and spend their Saturdays and Sundays helping the poorer residents of Stamford get some basic dental needs taken care of. Some dentists in Stamford CT also volunteer in a different manner by going around to area schools and teaching students about the necessity of proper health care. This is to promote preventative rather than corrective dental health care. The dentists in Stamford CT bring slides showing decayed teeth and unhealthy gums in an attempt to scare kids straight. They tell the kids that most common dental problems can be avoided through proper brushing and flossing on a daily basis. These scare tactics can be a little unsettling, but they are in the best interests of the community at large.