Bloody Well Might Try It – Homeopathy and Bleeds

Bleeding to the point of hemorrhaging can be an alarming event. Homeopathy, however, has a history of aborting a bleed with unusual speed and without side effects. It does so gently, politely and firmly. The idea behind homeopathy is that our body is capable of coming to balance (health) if given the correct stimulus. This is achieved by using a remedy that is chosen, not for the disease, but rather the person who is experiencing the disease and his particular symptoms. Try one of these remedies the next time bleeding is an issue in your life.

Tooth extractions can be a source of hemorrhages and a disquieting and problematic issue in dentistry. However, with the knowledge of homeopathy , a visit to the dentist can become less traumatic for both the patient and dentist. If after an extraction when there is bleeding that seems a little over the top, a dose of Phosphorus 30 every 15 minutes until the bleeding has ceased, sets the patient in order. As soon as there is relief, the remedy should no longer be given. Instead, offer Ferr phos 6x 3-4 times each day for a day or so to insure no return.

Nose bleeds can also become hemorrhages. In this case, Phosphorus 30 can also be of use. However, a near “no-fail” remedy for most severe nose bleeds is Vipera 12c or x. If given every 15 minutes until the bleeding stops, it will often promote better health, so that a return nose bleed will not be as severe, long lasting or debilitating.

An internal hemorrhage is, of course, a matter for more extreme medical care. However, as a first aid and on route to the hospital, it would behoove the attendee to give doses of Ipecacuanha This is particularly so if the blood is gushing and true red.

When in doubt, for an internal bleed, it is often best to begin with Aconitum. This is particularly valuable when the person presents with restlessness, anxiety and agitation. Certainly, shock is a concern, so again, it is important to get the person to an emergency setting for care. After the bleeding is stabilized, however, the next remedy to use is Ferr Phos 6x given 4-5 times per day for several days to support the system against anemia.

Arnica is also reputed to address an issue of internal bleeding, so it ought to be considered for bleeding to soft parts or from a head injury.

How many times in war time settings of the past has homeopathy not failed the physician who possesses the knowledge of homeopathy? It can indeed be a life saving method. Homeopathy is a soothing solution to life’s mishaps and traumas. It’s gentle, polite method quietly removes the illness at hand and restores. What other method of medicine do you know that stops bleeding, as well as addressing the exciting cause? Homeopathy is the medicine of millions. Make it yours for the next time life is unyielding.