Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder – Tips on How to Get Confident

Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable with how you look and are self- conscious? Is it affecting your self esteem? There are a few simple techniques that can help you overcome some of the body image issues that you have…

The first thing you want to do is to look in the mirror and assess the issue you have. Do you have a problem with a double chin? Are you carrying a few extra pound around your waist? Or maybe you are unhappy with some new age lines that are popping up?

An easy way to feel more confident is to invest in clothes or makeup that flatters you and minimizes your flaws. For example, there are a few makeup tricks that a makeup artist can show you to minimize (or draw attention away from) any flaws you feel self-conscious about- even double chins and wrinkles.

Using specialized undergarments can also help you out for whatever problems you have- for example a little extra padding in key areas or Spanx in other areas might just do the trick. If you’re a man, there are also specific undergarments that can minimize certain areas (like a little extra weight around the belly) and other garments that would flatter you with a little padding, like your pecs.

While changing your makeup and clothes may seem like a quick fix, a makeover just might be what the doctor ordered. It can be especially helpful for those who have not figured out their style, anyone who has had a weight change, or for anyone who hasn’t changed their style in a while.

Another trick to help raise your self esteem (and confidence) is, while looking in the mirror, point out all the things you do like. If you like your smile, tell yourself you like your smile. This can also work for personality traits as well. If you think that you’re a good friend, tell yourself what a good friend you are. These little self encouragements will help keep you positive and raise your self- esteem.

A good thing about telling yourself that you like certain parts of your personality or you looks, is that it will subconsciously distract you and get you to not think about the negative things (or at least, a little bit less).

Most of all, as my title begins, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so in order to feel beautiful and confident, you must believe it yourself first.

Apart from how you actually look, another thing you can try to help boost your confidence is to be around supportive friends and family. Being around positive people can mean the difference between being comfortable and happy with who you are or being uncomfortable. Seriously!! Positive people will make you feel better because they will tell you all the good things they like about you and not try to bring you down.

Even if you can’t avoid negative people, remember their reflection of you shouldn’t be your true reflection of yourself, so don’t let their negative thoughts bother you.

Try these things out and see what a positive impact small little changes can make. Need more ideas? I have plenty…please feel free to contact me.