An Insight Into Tooth Decay – Prevention is Better Than Cure

Dentists from all parts of the country are reporting the same – there is a rise in the number of people who are visiting them every month, and a major share of them suffered from the tooth decaying problems. However, how can the tooth decay? I mean we all have the generalized notion that the tooth is very tough and will not fall prone to any kind of decaying activities. Here is a news flash, the tooth will decay and in the succeeding passages, I will try to outline certain tooth decaying procedures and how should one go about preventing them.

There is a tough coating on the surface of the tooth. This coating is otherwise termed as enamel. Even though this enamel is considered to be tough, there are certain times when the affectivity of the same will be put to test. The mouth must be cleaned properly and this is done to remove traces of food materials. Acidic food materials, when left in the mouth will react with the enamel of the tooth. In the due course of time, the enamel will give away and the inner aspects of the teeth will be exposed. Need I say more?

Excessive brushing, likewise, will eliminate the enamel coating. According to dentists, the teeth must be cleaned after every meal to dislodge the food materials that are stuck in between the teeth. Instead of sticking with this principle, a small share of the population will resort to frequent brushing of their teeth. Recent studies conducted in the niche have proven that frequent brushing of the teeth will erode the upper layers of the enamel. Brushing of the teeth is good. Also, ensure that you stick within the limits. Else you are simply inviting problems such as decaying of the tooth.

Keep the mouth clean – this is the best way to escape from the perils of tooth decay. Brushing the teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, flossing in between the teeth and cleaning the tongue – these are the elementary steps that are advertised by dentists in order to ensure high oral hygiene levels. If viable, it is better to avoid sugary and sweetened food materials, especially when you are away from your toothbrush for extended time. People indulge in soft drinks, ice creams and chocolate when they are hanging out with their friends.

By the time they reach back home and start cleaning the teeth, the damage will be visible. If the paradigm is repeated, within years they will have to pay dearly for the same. Sometimes the gum might start decaying – this will loosen the tooth and will result in bad breaths. This can be caused by minor injuries within the mouth. The mouth houses many toxic bacteria, and if these bacteria are given a chance to play havoc in your mouth, then you are going to repent for the rest of the days. As mentioned in the title of this article, prevention is indeed better than cure!