All About Dental Implants

Dental implants can be the perfect solution for missing teeth. No matter how the teeth got lost, due to an accident or lack of dental hygiene, a dental implant will replace the teeth. Getting a London dental implant can be the best option to create a beautiful smile once again.

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that are inserted in to the jaw bone to hold the replacement tooth in place. Titanium is used because of the naturally occurring process called osseointegration. This is a process that happens when the jaw bone fuses with the titanium, permanently keeping the tooth implants anchored.

There are two types of tooth implants – subperiosteal and endosperm. Subperiosteal implants make up a metal frame that is installed on top of the jaw bone below the gums. The gums will heal and the frame will become permanently attached to the bone.

These kinds of implants are less common and used if the patient has a significant amount of bone loss. The cost for these implants is higher than endosperm implants. Endosteal implants are more common than subperiosteal.

Endosteal implants are inserted directly into the jaw. Once the osseointegration process is complete, the patient needs to wait until the gums are healed before the posts can be attached to the implant. Once the posts are attached, the crowns will be placed on top. These are more common than subperiosteal and have a lower implant cost.

When there are multiple teeth that need to be replaced, a bridge is used. The bridge is a special type that is only used when teeth implants are needed to support it. This is opposed to natural teeth which will increase the teeth implant costs. An implant is inserted into each gap and then the bridge is installed on top after osseointegration.

There are three rules available for people who are missing all of their teeth and need to have them replaced. The first procedure is an implant-supported bridge where six to eight implants are put in the mouth. The mouth is restored with porcelain crowns and bridges.

The second procedure is removable dental implant dentures which are supported by one or two implants. Two to four implants and a dentures on top are supported by the implants. The dentures is stable this way. The third procedure is dental dentures implants which support a fixed dentures hybrid. This option allows more implants to be placed that can support a fixed dentures hybrid.

There are three steps when a tooth implant is installed. The first is surgery preparation. Before implants can be installed, the mouth needs to be examined and analyzed with x-rays and CT scans. Factors involved in the procedure will be determined and an estimate of the cost will be given.

Next, tooth implants will be inserted into the jaw bone. Osseointegration will take place. This can take a few weeks, so a temporary tooth will be inserted until the second appointment is reached.

Lastly, an artificial crown will be attached to the dental implants. This step is very quick but it may need readjustments after the fact. After the entire procedure is complete, the implants will be fully functional and look the same as natural teeth.

Tooth implants are indistinguishable from natural teeth and can last over a decade if they are taken care of. An implant can prevent the overcrowding and misalignment of teeth. The mouth will be protected from problems that could occur because of the gap in teeth. There is no need to remove implants at night or when eating and they can be cleaned the same way as natural teeth.

Teeth implants cannot be inserted if the mouth is unhealthy. There should be no presence of bacteria or gum disease in the mouth. Some cases, the mouth does not have enough bone. However this can be fixed with bone grafting or an augmentation procedure before the implants.